Women improving breast volume with fat transfer

Mr Ross offers fat transfer procedures including to the breasts

Fat transfer procedures to improve breast volume are rising in popularity, as women seek an alternative to silicone implants.
After years of confusion and misinformation following the PIP crisis in 2013, patients have been seeking alternative breast enhancement procedures, says Mr Ross.

Expert opinion

“For patients considering breast enhancement options, a fat transfer procedure with body-jet could provide natural-looking volume without the need for silicone breast implants, “ he explains.

“Choosing to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve the shape or size of the breasts comes with many decisions; one of which is whether to replace the traditional silicone breast implants with your body’s own fat.

“A body-jet fat transfer procedure allows you to minimally enhance the size of the breasts or improve volume in parts of the breast that may be lacking as a results of breast feeding or weight loss.”
For women who wish to only add small amounts of volume to the upper part of the breasts, the fat transfer procedure can boost fullness to the area in a natural way.

An alternative breast enhancement option, a fat transfer procedure takes fat from another area of the body – for example the abdomen or thighs – are replaces it in a different location. Because the fat is your own the risk of complications is much lower than that of silicone breast implants, and most importantly the results look subtle.

Is it right for you?

Gary says: “Ultimately the decision to undergo any cosmetic surgery should be made by the individual and no one else; it’s a personal choice that should only be made after much consideration. Having said that there are a plethora of reasons why fat transfer is a reliable way to boost breast volume.

“Firstly, there are no foreign objects being placed within the body during body-jet fat transfer procedures, unlike alternatives based around silicone implants. Fat is harvested from your own body and replaced where it’s needed, in a more holistic enhancement method that breast implants.

“Secondly, as far as breast enhancement options go, a fat transfer procedure is a more gentle approach to gaining breast volume. There are no large incisions made, just some small ones to enable the medical professional to take and replace the fat.

“Thirdly, the results are natural looking; something many women are looking for. The days of overinflated implants are long gone, and women are increasingly seeking breast enhancement to simply boost volume in the upper breast.
“Lastly it provides choice; something which has been lacking from the breast augmentation landscape for some time. Not all patients want or need implants to alter their shape, and for some it’s the subtle results that make a fat transfer procedure so appealing,” he concludes.

More information

The power to decide what’s best for your body lies in patients hands. A breast enhancement alternative like body-jet fat transfer procedures could be the safest and most reliable to subtly improve breast volume without undergoing a boob job.
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