Why are we scared of growing old?

The media is often to blame for our fear of growing old. Pushing products in our direction constantly to ‘fight the signs of ageing’, airbrushing every fine line from sight and criticising every public figure for their lack of perfect appearance. 

Anti wrinkle creams are a best seller worldwide, and no wonder, each of us wanting to look younger for longer, to retain that youthful look. But the truth is, there reaches a point when we are no longer young, and why is that such a bad thing?  


“60 is the new 50”


I’m sure all of us have heard this saying, meaning that yes, we are feeling younger in ourselves, and no, 60 really isn’t that old! So what I’m turning 60, I still feel 26 on the inside. 

I’m sure many of us do not feel our age, so why are we scared of growing older? 

We shouldn’t be scared to grow old; we’ve earned it!

And just like we’ve earned our age, we’ve earned those wrinkles! 60 long years on this Earth doesn’t come without some wear and tear, so bat those adverts away telling you to fight the signs of ageing – each of those wrinkles tells a tale of your life and they should be worn with pride. The media love to dictate how women should look: no wrinkles, lovely firm skin and a slim toned figure. Many of us are well aware that this is simply unattainable for the average person, wrinkles are a sign of ageing, and so is sagging skin. We should not be fighting the signs of ageing, but rather embracing them. 


“A lady of her age shouldn’t be dressed like that”


Well why not? Why is it that society decides that when a woman reaches a certain age she must fade into the background and stick to a plain cardigan and some skin coloured tights. Our personalities do not fade with age, so why should we? The elderly are not ‘them’, but rather ‘us’, we should not throw them aside as soon as they become old and worn, but rather accept them for all that they are, which is, part of us. So no, we should not be scared to grow old; we will be before we know it. So enjoy the life that you live. One should never consider a cosmetic treatment in order to conform or to fit in to society.


Will cosmetic surgery stop the ageing process? 


The decision to engage in cosmetic treatments is an individual one and although it can improve quality of life a consultation is the best way to determine the pros and cons and risks. Mr Ross offers open and honest consultations and will only offer treatments that he feels are in your best interest. Mr Ross consults with over 1000 patients per year but will only offer treatments to on around 300-400 patients that he consults with.

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