What Causes Ptosis? – Blepharoplasty Surgery

Blepharoplasty surgery is the type of surgery that can be a help for droopy eyelids. It helps to correct defects and disfigurations in the eye for a better appearance. In the video, there is an example provided of a patient who has gone through an upper lid blepharoplasty procedure in order to correct the disfiguration in her eye of her eyelid drooping. There are before and after photos shown to showcase the patients’ results and there is a visible difference in her eyes, showing them to be more open and symmetrical.

We continue our vlog series into the new year with the focus on blepharoplasty surgery and what causes ptosis in the eyelids in the first place. It can mainly be caused from ageing and the dropping of tissue around the periorbital region which is located on the upper face. More specifically, there is the impact of relaxation in the forehead which causes forehead ptosis, and tissue and muscle reduction found internally in the eye. These can be common reasons for what causes ptosis around the eyelids.

There are further details provided about the blepharoplasty surgery also, including the expected recovery time after the surgery, how long the surgery takes as well as how the surgery is performed. As always however, it’s always important to understand the surgery that you go through and what causes ptosis as well as other eye defects.

If you’d like more information on blepharoplasty surgery then you can get in touch by contacting us here or by calling 0161 401 4064. You can also visit our blepharoplasty case study page.

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