The popularity of buttock enhancement surgery

What is buttock enhancement surgery and why is it increasing in popularity?

The continuing rise of buttock enhancement surgery has been a phenomena within the cosmetic industry this year, especially considering the less than glowing media coverage lately.

With more and more women seeking buttock enhancement surgery every year, 2018 especially has been a bumper year for this bottom boosting procedure.

In this week’s post we’ll be looking at bum enhancement procedures and discussing why they have become so popular, despite it widely being considered one of the more risky procedures.

What is buttock enhancement surgery?

There are several techniques to boosting the bottom, including cosmetic surgery and non invasive treatments. In terms of surgery there are options including silicone implants (known as a bottom augmentation) and fat transfer.

The latter uses fat taken from elsewhere in the body (usually the abdomen, waist or thighs) and reinjected into the buttocks in order to boost volume and provide a more rounded shape. Non surgical solutions can provide a skin tightening effect but offer little in terms of body contouring.

What is the goal?

Patients seeking body contouring surgery like this are aiming to increase the size and/or alter the shape of the buttocks. Generally it is women seeking bum enhancement procedures, with the goal of creating a more curvaceous silhouette.

Why are women seeking bum enhancement procedures?

Many argue that the rise of celebrity and a reliance on social media is largely behind this trend. With famous faces such as Kim Kardashian becoming icons to young women, the desire to replicate the curvaceous figures of these rich, successful women means a rise in surgery.

Is buttock enhancement surgery safe?

All cosmetic surgery comes with some risk. There has been quite a bit in the press in recent months regarding the downside to the procedures. It’s important to do your research before undergoing liposuction or fat transfer treatments, and make sure you find a surgeon that specialises in this kind of surgery.

When you book a consultation you will be informed of all the risks and complications associated with bum lift procedures and buttock augmentation.

How much do procedures like this cost?

This varies between the buttock enhancement surgery procedures, and the patient. Every treatment should be tailored to the individual.

Am I suitable?

The only way to ascertain suitability is by meeting with a plastic surgeon and having a consultation. This is an informal meeting to enable you to ask questions, learn about the procedures available and hopefully make an informed decision.

Can the procedure be combined with others?

This is something you can discussed during a consultation. Every patient is treated individually.

Get more information on buttock enhancement surgery

You can find out more information about Mr Ross and the procedures he offers to enhance the buttocks via the treatment pages. Contact us if you wish to book a consultation or find out specific information about any of the treatments in this blog and on the website.

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