Is it Possible to Have a Second Breast reduction?

In the past, you may have gone through a breast reduction but later down the line, you’re not happy with the results. There can be a number of reasons for this including:

– Not being happy with your current size

– Asymmetry was created when you went through the surgery

– Gained more weight after your first breast reduction

– Pregnancy has caused more breast volume and stretched the skin

– You want a youthful appearance after ageing

Considering this, you may be pondering having a second breast reduction. However, you may be worried about the complications of going through another breast reduction. An experienced and well-skilled surgeon can make a second breast reduction possible for you and achieve your goals for even smaller breasts.

Can I be a candidate for a second breast reduction?

Your surgeon will provide you with all your possible options after assessing you during your consultation. If you are considered a healthy individual and your previous breast reduction procedure has fully healed, you can be considered a candidate for a second breast reduction.

There can be cases when we advise it’s best to delay your surgery. If you’re still looking to have children, significant weight loss or gain can impact your final results. This may mean you don’t gain the results that you were originally expecting. Your surgeon may also advise to delay if you’re undergoing high levels of stress or have unrealistic expectations of your results.

Bear in mind that the technique used by your original surgeon from the first procedure will have an impact on the results of your second breast reduction. There may be some limitations to the results you wish to achieve for your surgeon, so be realistic when setting your goals for the surgery. Find a surgeon you trust and preferably one that is skilled in breast reductions surgeries.

What to keep in mind for your breast reduction second time around

There will be more complexities with your second breast reduction

As the skin and tissue has already been interfered with, this would have to be considered when going through a breast reduction second time around. How your breasts healed will also be considered as your skin would have developed less elasticity over time. Opting for a surgeon who has plenty of experience can help to achieve the optimum results you desire.

It can take more time than the first one

Surgeons need to be careful that they don’t re-traumatise the breast tissue. Therefore, they’ll need more time to move around this and take their time navigating the surgery. There will be challenges that the surgeon may come across during the procedure, so it’s important to have a surgeon who has done the procedure plenty of times before. They’ll be more familiar with the complications they come across.

Opt for a surgeon with breast reconstruction experience

A breast reconstruction surgeon who has plenty of experience can draw on these expertise to ensure the least amount of complications possible can occur. They’ll use the most advanced techniques to ensure that nipple sensation remains and blood flow to the breast continues to be healthy.

The price may vary

There are many factors which can contribute to the surgery being more expensive than what you had previously. It will first of all require more time for the surgeon to navigate around the previous surgery, which requires more skill. Inflation in prices can also be another reason for your second breast reduction being more expensive. There can be situations where your surgery insurance can cover you for a repeat surgery.

Your records from your previous surgeon can help

Although this is not necessary, if you do happen to have records of your previous procedure, this can be helpful for the surgeon.They can be more aware of the techniques that were used and further detail of any complications that may have occurred previously. Surgical planning can therefore be more efficient.

What size options do I have?

There is a sense of reasonability to be considered when deciding on how small you can physically go. It will be dependent on your build and shape as well as your original and current breast size. Your aesthetic appearance will be considered with this.

For significant breast reductions, scars are likely to be larger and more skin is likely needed to be removed. There would also be more of a challenge in preserving nipple sensation and maintaining blood flow to the breasts. This is something to be wary of but don’t let it put you off as we have some of the most skilled breast surgeons on hand to provide sufficient results.

Consult with your specialist breast surgeon

At UK Aesthetic, we have some of the finest and most skilled surgeons available that dedicate their time to improve your way of life. During your consultation, we’ll run through all your possible breast reduction options and ensure your safety and preference come first.

Feel free to browse our breast reduction case studies page to see results from previous patients that have also had the procedure. 

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