Rise in men seeking calf contouring surgery

Gym-obsessed men undergoing £8,000 calf contouring procedure to beef up lower legs

How far would you do to skip leg day at the gym? Mr Gary Ross has noted a surge in men seeking ‘calf contouring’ vanity procedures.

The body contouring surgery specialist says there has been a rise in male patients enquiring about calf augmentation.

Those behind this new cosmetic trend are predominantly gym-goers who are unhappy with their lower legs looking out of proportion with the rest of the body.

Why choose calf augmentation?

Patients may request calf augmentation for purely aesthetic or cosmetic reasons.

Some desire only the medial or inner leg filled out whereas bodybuilders often want both the inner and outer lower leg filled out.

The procedure, which can cost up to £8,000, uses techniques or silicone implants to augment the calves, creating more volume to the area.

What happens during calf augmentation?

During the 90-minute procedure, fat is harvested from one area of the body using the Body-jet device and replaced within the calf.

It’s so popular now, Mr Ross enquiries now surpass those for buttock augmentation.

Mr Ross, who offers calf contouring amongst other fat transfer treatments, told BBC Radio 1 about this male-focused trend and procedure last week.

He told Newsbeat:

“We’re seeing a least 2-3 people a week looking for a change in this lower part of the body. Five years ago it was uncommon to have people come in for these treatments, maybe even less than 1 a month.

“Fat is taken via liposuction from areas such as the flanks before being replaced in the calves to provide volume.”

Gary Ross on calf contouring and calf augmentation

“Surgery can either be in the form of calf augmentation with a silicone implant or fat transfer, which is the increasingly more popular option. The choice of option depends on the pros and cons of the techniques and this needs to be discussed at a consultation.

“There are more risks associated with silicone implants and fat transfer is considered a safer technique, but the procedure may need to be repeated as the fat can reabsorb over time.”

There are other reasons for patients choosing calf contouring surgery including having underdeveloped calf muscles, which include both congenital and acquired causes.

“Congenitally there may be underlying causes such as skeletal malformations, and acquired causes include trauma. It is important to be examined thoroughly and to investigate any underlying causes before considering surgery,” Mr Ross concludes.

Getting more information

If you would like more information about calf contouring and calf augmentation procedures please visit the specific treatment page to get more detail.

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