Plastic Surgery and the over 60’s. The stats revealed.

Around 15 million people in the UK are over 60 and this will increase to 20 million within the next 10 years. The number of people over 65 is anticipated to increase by 40% in the next 20 years. Mr Ross has seen a 200% increase in new referrals in his practice of over 60’s as compared to 5 years ago and it is likely this will continue to increase. The commonest procedures being requested are eyelid rejuvenation and facial rejuvenation.

Just as there is a lot of information about cosmetic surgery is available, there is even more information and awareness about improving diet and lifestyle. As such the current over 60’s are looking after themselves better than their predecessors. They feel younger than their predecessors and want to look as young as they feel. Many have looked after their skin for many years – have healthy diet and lifestyle, rarely overweight and they understand the risks more than younger patients. If anything, they are more concerned about the risks and their own safety in comparison with younger patients.


The biggest driver of the over 60’s when looking for cosmetic surgery or advice about cosmetic treatments is that they want safety and quality. They don’t want to consult with a sales team, can see through marketing and wish to consult with an experienced consultant that they can trust. They want to be given information and have time to decide rather than rushing into a treatment. Unlike younger generations the over 60’s are not looking to have cosmetic surgery for others, their expectations are realistic and they are able to weigh up the pros and cons of procedures. It is uncommon for patients in this age group to have underlying body image issues.


If they wish to proceed with cosmetic surgery, they want to be provided for in a safe environment and know that they will be looked after following surgery.


Mr Ross works in one of the largest private hospitals in the UK. All patients undergo preoperative assessment prior to surgery to make sure they can be optimized prior to surgery. 24/7 care is available throughout and Mr Ross and his team are available throughout the perioperative journey. All consultations are with Mr Ross himself and there is never any pressure or obligation to proceed at any time. Mr Ross will only offer surgery in less than 50% of patients who he consults with and aims to provide optimal care and advice to all patients to allow them to be empowered to proceed or not.


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