Our top five tips for a great recovery after surgery

After a cosmetic procedure, it is normal to feel tired and worn out, your body has undergone a huge change and needs time to rest and re-charge; and it’s important that you let it. Many patients want to accelerate the recovery process so they can go out and enjoy these new changes to their body. However, this can be detrimental to your health, and your long-term result. The following tips are a few things every patient can do to increase their chance of a successful recovery. 




Patients of Mr Ross are advised to stop smoking before any procedure, and so just because the surgery is complete does not mean it is time to start again. Smoking prevents successful healing and can lead to serious complications. It is important for patients to stay healthy after surgery, and so avoiding smoking is an absolute must. 




It is important to get lots of rest in the immediate period following surgery, however, you must not lie around for days doing nothing. It is important to get up and about, even just to step outside for a breath of fresh air. Moving around helps the body to heal and may also reduce pain, so try to increase your mobility each day after surgery.




While it is important to increase your mobility after surgery, for the first 48 hours it is also important not to be too active. Many patients are eager to get back to their routine, but it is important to do this in a safe manner and allow the body the healing time it needs. Too much too soon can compromise the results of the surgery, for this reason, in the weeks following surgery it is important for patients not to partake in rigorous exercise. The amount of time after surgery one can return to exercise varies with each surgery. Mr Ross will be there every step of the way with each patient following surgery and will let each patient know when it is safe to return to exercise. 




For the body to heal successfully, it must be paired with a positive mind-set. It is important following surgery to be positive about your results and manage your pain effectively with the pain medication provided. The first couple of days can be tough for some patients but it is vital to maintain a positive attitude throughout the healing process.

Every procedure and patient is different, and so healing time will be different for each individual. Following Mr Ross’s advice after surgery is our biggest tip, as his instructions will be crucial in ensuring a healthy and speedy recovery that allows your body to heal properly. 




It is really important to take the pain medication prescribed by Mr Ross. Some patients will try to ignore and push through the pain they experience, however this can be detrimental to your recovery. Blood pressure can increase as a result of pain and so managing this as Mr Ross has explained is crucial for the healing process.

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