Mommy Makeover


A mommy makeover is a procedure designed to rejuvenate the areas of your body affected by pregnancy. This procedure typically focuses on the breasts and the abdomen. During pregnancy, the breasts can become larger along with the stomach, and so after birth, these areas can tend to sag. A mommy makeover will attempt to correct this sagging skin with a tummy tuck of some kind and breast rejuvenation surgery. Breast rejuvenation surgery does not necessarily involve implants. If you are looking for breast rejuvenation surgery, without implants, then there are other options available. For example, Mr Ross offers autologous fat transfer to the breasts; this involves taking the fat from one area of the body and transferring it to the breasts. This procedure can make the breasts look fuller and so reduce the appearance of sagging breasts. Another option available to those wishing to avoid implants is a mastopexy procedure, this procedure involves removing the excess skin from the breasts and lifting them, it is also known as an uplift. A third option available is a breast reduction, this procedure again involves the removal of excess skin and Mr Ross will construct a new, smaller breast. A mastopexy and a breast reduction can both be paired with breast implants if desired. Mr Ross offers the best advice regarding all of the patients options, and always with the patients best interests in mind. 

When to consider a Mommy Makeover:


  • If your pregnancy has affected the shape and size of your breasts, and you are not happy with the resulting affect this has had
  • If your pregnancy has caused excess sagging skin on your tummy and you are unhappy with its appearance
  • If you’re unhappy with your sagging skin and stretch marks
  • If pockets of fat on your torso do not improve with diet and exercise






  • This procedure can restore a more youthful look to the breasts and tummy
  • Your clothes and swimwear will fit better
  • This procedure can restore a more youthful appearance to your body shape
  • Your confidence will improve
  • You will be more confortable with your body shape




  • If you choose to get breasts implants, they will require monitoring and possibly replacement
  • If you choose to get pregnant following these surgeries, the results may be compromised.
  • If you gain weight after these surgeries the results may be compromised.


Are you a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover?


If you are unhappy with the shape of your body after pregnancy and wish to alter these effects, then you should consider a Mommy Makeover.


It is important to remember that you must be at your ideal weight before opting for surgery, as a difference in weight can alter the appearance of the results of surgery. 


If you are in good general health, are comfortable with your current weight and have realistic expectations, then you are most likely a good candidate for a Mommy Makeover.


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