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Becoming a mother is an incredible experience and there’s nothing quite like the elation that comes from having a new addition to the family. Unfortunately pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding can lead to loose skin, loss of muscle tone, sagging or deflated breasts, and weakened abdominal muscles. Although exercise and diet can help to give back body confidence there is an increasing trend to look at the mummy makeover to gain a one-stop rejuvenation. 


“Why have multiple cosmetic procedures when you may be suitable to have everything you wish for in one stage”


A mummy makeover can help transform your body back to the way it once was, offering a more rejuvenated and refreshed version of you. It can tighten and fix the affects of pregnancy and childbirth, so you can get your self-esteem and confidence back. A mommy makeover consists of a combination of procedures that create enhanced, rejuvenated breasts, and a more defined body. 




Lifting the skin and the breast tissue is a common request and this can be combined with breast augmentation or fat transfer. Fat transfer is an increasingly common request when abdominal rejuvenation is being performed at the same time. Fat can be harvested from the abdominal tissue that is being removed – thus limiting the downsides of irregularities that can occur from liposuction. Additional fat can also be removed from the flanks and other areas of the body to improve contour. For subtle volume enhancements with natural results, fat transfer in combination with a lift may be the ideal choice. 




The commonest request is an abdominoplasty procedure, which can be in the form of a mini tummy, tuck, a classic tummy tuck, a fleur de lis abdominoplasty, circumferential abdominoplasty or a body lift. The majority of young mums will opt for a classic tummy tuck with removal of excess skin, fat, tightening of the abdominal wall with waist definition combined with liposuction. 

Although the abdominal area is often the most important area for young mums to address the removal of additional fat in other areas is frequently considered. The buttock and legs are additional areas that patients look to address. Liposuction is not an alternative to diet and improved lifestyle and needs to be considered carefully. Where patients wish to consider fat transfer to the buttock region patients need to consider whether the fat is best utilized for breast rejuvenation and run through the pros and cons. 

“When can I have a mummy makeover procedure?”


It is best for anyone considering a mummy makeover to be at her ideal weight and to have completed her family. Mothers often feel guilty and are not sure what to tell the rest of their family. Taking time to make the decision to proceed is important and it is often best to have leave at least 12 months after completing ones family before proceeding as the body can change a lot during the post pregnancy period. 


Increasingly mothers do not wish to undergo more than one anesthetic / operation / recovery spending time away from their family and combining procedures is an attractive option. It is important that you consult with a plastic surgeon that has significant experience in mummy makeover procedures and that you are assessed regarding your suitability to undergo combination treatments. All patients in Mr. Ross’s practice undergo a thorough preoperative assessment to ensure safety. Mr. Ross works with a dedicated team in one of the largest private hospitals in the UK and aims to provide the safest possible environment for patients. With a vast experience in mummy makeover procedures Mr. Ross can provide one-stage mummy makeover procedures in less than 3 hours in the majority of cases. It is well known that decreasing the surgical time limits complications and this must be the priority for all young mums. Mr. Ross does not use drains and patients are mobilized immediately following surgery and understands that young mums wish to be able to get back to every day life and enjoy their family as soon as possible.


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