What Is a Midface Lift & Effect Of Mid-Face Lift Surgery

The next video in our vlog series focuses on facelifts. In particular, it discusses what is a midface lift and what are the effects of a mid-face lift surgery when it’s performed. 

What Is a Midface Lift?

The mid-face contains skin, tissues and muscle which is located underneath the lobrial rim which extends right down to the lip and inner triangle. There are several ways in which the midface can be manipulated, whether it’s making incisions through the mouth or the lower eyelid. 

The Most Common Method For Midface Lifts 

However, the most common way to do this is through the lower eyelid. There’s further detail provided about how this method is conducted and the way surgeons access this area in order to perform mid facelift surgery.

Midface Lift Case Studies

There are case studies shown of 3 patients who chose to have a mid facelift surgery. The case studies have mid facelift before and after photos to show the results of the procedure. 

Commentary is provided on what each of the patients had performed on their mid-face and where the visible changes are and the effects that it had. In one case study, it shows how a patient had ageing changes on their face and how they combined a mid-face lift surgery with neck and facelift procedures to overcome these ageing issues.

For More Details on What a Midface Lift is…

If you’d like more information on midface lift surgery then you can get in touch by contacting us here or by calling 0161 401 4064. You can also visit our face lift surgery case study page to see more examples of results from our performed treatments.

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