How can a Male Cheek Implant Benefit my Facial Appearance?

patient with drawings on face to prepare for surgery

In today’s society, more and more men are becoming aware of the conforms within the public eye. This includes the idea of a particular idealistic representation of how you should look. It may go as far to say that you’d even be conscious about your cheeks. If this is something that you’re thinking about, then having male cheek implant surgery may be the option for you.

It can help to knock years off your facial appearance and better define your face as well as provide other benefits. This blog will explore what these benefits are and how a male cheek implant could be an ideal option for you.

Male cheeks can provide proportion to the face

It’s rare to find an individual that has a completely proportionate face. However, there are adjustments that can be made to close the imbalance, such as male cheek implants. They can help to define your face near the cheekbone and provide a youthful look to ageing skin.

Different sizes are available to suit your needs

Technology over the years has helped advance cosmetic procedures and provide wider flexibility to match patient needs. Aesthetic implants are now available in different shapes and sizes which can help to match the structure of your face and provide the results that you’re looking for. This can help the implants to look more natural.

It’s a quick procedure with a short recovery period

Male cheek implant surgery isn’t considered a major surgery so it’s a relatively quick procedure to perform. Generally, the procedure takes around an hour and you should expect to return home the same day. As with any surgery, there will be bruising and swelling that’ll occur and your surgeon will provide aftercare guidance to help sooth these.

Scarring isn’t visible

One of the main benefits of male cheek implant surgery is that the incisions are made on the inside of the mouth. This means scarring won’t be visible on your outside skin. If external incisions are required, then there is still the ability to perform these under the folds of the skin. This will be ideal if you’re conscious about whether your skin will be affected.

Facial implant procedures at Gary Ross

At Gary Ross, we have a range of facial procedures available for you to choose from. Each surgery will have its own benefits to your appearance depending on your needs. Feel free to browse our facial implants page to better understand what the procedure involves and how it can benefit you. You can also contact us to arrange a consultation.

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