Can I Get A Liposuction Procedure On Stomach Fat?

Liposuction surgery is the process of removing fat from the body and can be used on several areas. Many patients consider having the liposuction procedure on stomach fat. Although there are many positives when undergoing this procedure, there are also negative points to be wary of. More specifically, on some occasions, too much or not enough fat is removed. This can leave excess fat after the procedure is conducted. This is why it’s extremely important to run through the pros and cons of the procedure before you go ahead.

Where this is considered greatly is if you choose to get a liposuction procedure on stomach skin and fat. The front of the abdomen has a very thin dermis. This means there should be careful consideration when removing fat during the liposuction procedure on stomach skin.

The liposuction procedure can be more useful on the flanks where there is more excess skin and the dermis appears thicker. If any irregularities were to occur for any reason, it would be easier to hide them in this particular area. View our case study of a patient who has had a liposuction procedure on stomach area and flanks. The results show positive physical changes in their appearance from before to after.

As always, before you go ahead with this procedure, it’s important to ensure this type of surgery is right for you. Visit our liposuction case study page for more information.

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