What Should I Consider if I Want a Nose Job?

How you look and what your appearance is probably something you take much pride and joy in. As such, you may be in the one of many who tells yourself, ‘I want a nose job’. But the process is more complicated than simply wanting a nose job and going for it. There are plenty of factors you should consider if you’re opting to have a rhinoplasty procedure, particularly as it’s a life changing choice you’ll be making. First and foremost, when you tell yourself ‘I want a nose job’, you need to make sure that you’re doing it for yourself. The influence and pressure of others shouldn’t determine how you look as it’ll be a change you’ll be making to your own body. At the same time, how your decision can be correctly influenced is from the research that you conduct before the surgery. Here, we discuss the factors you should consider if you want a nose job.

Conduct your research before going ahead

The best way to gain the results that you want from your procedure is by having an understanding of what to expect. This can make it easier to manage expectations and how the outcome might appear once the surgery is completed. Conduct thorough research before you go ahead. This will include researching different surgeons and their expertise, how the surgery is conducted, various before and after photos and what the recovery time will be.

Each individual case is different

We’re all not born the same and we each have our unique features and qualities within our appearance. So, whilst you might have seen the perfect nose job of your favourite celebrity on social media, don’t expect yourself to have similar results. Each case is different patient by patient, so you should keep this in mind when you’re heading to the surgery table. Your surgeon will get a better understanding of your anatomy during your consultation. It’s here where you and your surgeon can discuss the pros and cons of the surgery and manage your expectations.

The results will take time to show

Whilst a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a quick fix to your appearance paranoia, the recovery and results of the surgery will take time. As with any procedure, the body needs time to heal before it can begin to show the results that you’re looking for. We advise that you start to see the results around 6 months after your procedure once the swelling and bruising has healed. Around this time, you can get a better indication of whether or not you achieved the desired results you were looking for. If you’re unhappy with the results, there is the possibility of going through a revision rhinoplasty which can amend the results you gained. It’s important that you leave it at least a year, however, before you decide to go through with this.

Aftercare is important

After your surgery, your surgeon will run you through the best aftercare techniques to aid your recovery and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. The advice you’re given is extremely important as steering away from the methods can impact the final results of your rhinoplasty. The most important aspect is making sure that you avoid any supplements or drugs that promote blood thinning. Doing could cause bleeding and complicate your healing shortly after the surgery.

Considering these steps if I want a nose job

Your health and safety should be your main priority if you choose to have a nose job. Conducting thorough research and ensuring you’re in the right hands will help ease your nerves and feel more confident that you’ll get the results you want. Book a consultation with us today and we’ll be able to discuss your expectations or any concerns that you have about nose surgery. Feel free to also browse our rhinoplasty page to get familiar with the procedure.

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