How to reduce stress and anxiety in your everyday life

Anyone considering cosmetic surgery need to be have minimal stress and anxiety in their lives before considering surgery. If you have suffering with stress and anxiety here are some recommendations: – 


  1. Speak to your GP
    If you are feeling overwhelmed with stress and anxiety and this is impacting your health, then the most important thing you can do is to speak to your GP. Your GP will help you define the cause of your stress and could refer you for further treatment, such as counselling or support group help, or prescribe medication if this is appropriate. 


  1. Schedule in some ‘me-time’
    Whether this is going for a coffee with a friend, reading a chapter of a book, going to a yoga class or treating yourself to a beauty treatment, just taking time out of your regular schedule will help you relax and gain some much-needed rest and relaxation.


  1. Ask for help
    Often this can be the hardest thing to do but asking for help can really help to relieve the pressure and stress from your life. If you’re struggling to juggle work and home life, you could ask a friend or family member to help out with childcare; speak to your employer about changing your work contract to flexitime or employ a cleaner to handle your household chores while you spend more quality time with your children.


  1. Learn how to combat your problems
    If there’s a certain person or activity which triggers your stress, then one way to tackle this is by learning a new skill to help you handle the stress more effectively. If a person at work consistently treats you like a doormat, then attending a course on assertiveness could be a way to combat this. If money worries are stressing you out, book in a session with a financial advisor for help and advice on handling your money or sign up to a bookkeeping course. Working in a job you don’t like can be very stressful, you can find out what areas you might want to focus your career on by doing volunteer work or taking a course in a subject you’re interested in.


  1. Have a break from technology
    Studies have shown that excessive use of technology can cause sleep disorders and symptoms of stress and depression and as many as 1 in 5 people say they feel depressed as a result of using social media sites. Try a technology detox, whether this is not checking social media for a week or not reading online news sites after 7pm so you can avoid traumatic stories before bed. Doing something to cut down on the time you spend online should help to reduce stress levels.

Looking after ourselves can help to diminish feelings of stress and anxiety. If you’re busy with commitments at work and home, taking the time to look after yourself can soon slip way down on your ‘to do’ list. It’s so important to take a holistic look at your health and pin point exactly what factors in it are causing you to feel so stressed. There are options open to you and people who can help you feel in control again, whether this is something as simple as booking in for a pampering or cosmetic treatment to gain some valuable ‘me time’ or something more in depth such as a counselling sessions to get to the root of what is stressing you out.


To help combat anxiety, ask yourself these questions to help bring some logical thought to your problems:

  • Will this problem I’m worrying about matter in 2 months’ time? 

If the answer is no, then you can bring some grounding to your anxiety and realise that this problem is really not that important, and in two months’ time this worrying will have been for nothing.

  • Can I do anything about the problem I’m worrying about?

If the answer is no, then again you are realising that this problem is not worth worrying about and you must let the worry go. 


Questions like these will help ground your anxiety in logic and will help you combat your worry and stress.


Mr Ross will always give you an honest and open opinion regarding the pros and cons of cosmetic surgery and will only offer surgery when you are empowered to make an informed decision about the pros and cons.

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