How to maintain your result following cosmetic surgery?

Cosmetic surgery is all about making an improvement in your quality of life. Once one has had cosmetic surgery it is important to understand that the confidence that this gives must not be relied upon to last for ever. It is not uncommon for patients to see the benefits and see cosmetic surgery as a quick fix. It is important that patients do take care of their scars and work at improving these. Rather than further cosmetic surgery being seen as a way of maintaining results patients should focus on a healthy diet, regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle. 


The scar

In order to maximum your cosmetic surgery results it is important to focus on the scars and the postoperative swelling. Although scars are often well hidden and fade with time patients can often help this process. Massage whether superficial or deep can help the lymphatic drainage and improve swelling by developing additional lymphatic channels. Massage also helps the body to adapt to the scars and helps improve the sensation around the scar. It is important to avoid certain exercises in the immediate postop phase to avoid stretching of the scar and it is important to protect the scars in the sun. Hydrating the skin and looking after ones skin especially following facial surgery is very important. 


A healthy diet and lifestyle

It is important prior to surgery for patients to be at their ideal weight. However postoperatively it is also important to maintain a stable weight. Weights can fluctuate a little in the weeks following surgery as often ones weight increases slightly following surgery. Recovery can be a challenge and regular exercise routines can be affected. It is important to take advice on the amount of exercise one can perform postoperatively and build up gradually. Patients will not be able to perform the same exercises at the same intensity as preoperatively and should not get demoralized. Just as putting on additional weight can be detrimental, losing additional weight postoperative can also be detrimental. In body contouring procedures this can lead to excess skin, in breast procedures additional breast emptiness and in facial procedures loss of volume. 

Not only is maintenance of weight essential but diet also plays a big part. Keeping your skin well hydrated with appropriate fluid intake and a well balanced diet is essential. 


Cosmetic surgery can give improved self confidence but the long-term results are reliant on patients taking time to focus on their recovery.  


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