How to keep your skin hydrated during winter


The icy winds and cold air that come with winter can be really bad for our skin, stripping it of its moisture. The cold air is known for causing dry, irritated skin and we have a few tips to help combat these winter issues.


  1. Hot showers are extremely tempting when it’s cold outside, yet this is really detrimental to your skin. The hot temperature removes many of the skins natural oils and moisture. It is important to keep your showers short and at a warm rather than hot temperature, this will ensure your skin stays hydrated throughout the winter months. 


  1. Another tip to combat winter dryness is to moisturise. Although this is an obvious tip, many of us become lazy in the winter when it comes to moisturising, eager to get back into our clothes after a warm shower. However, in order to keep our skin healthy and full of moisture, it is really important to moisturise. This helps to replenish any loss of moisture and will keep our skin free from flakiness. Moisturising throughout the day will ensure that our skin stays healthy and radiant during the winter period. 


  1. We can wrap up warm during winter, but one aspect that is always on show is our face. This takes a huge toll on our skin and our lips. In order to avoid sore, chapped lips, our top tip is to always carry a tub or stick of lip balm in your pocket to combat the icy air and its effects.


  1. Our hands go through the paces every day, and this can become evident in winter. We have a few tips to help keep hands soft and free from dryness: always wear gloves when washing up at home and try to moisturise each time after washing your hands. These tricks will help lock in moisture and leave your hands feeling soft. Another tip is to remember to always have a pair of gloves on you to keep your hands out of the harsh weather. 

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