How to check your moles

Keeping an eye on your moles is a great way of increasing your confidence about what’s going on with the skin on your body. 

Moles can become cancerous over time and so it is important that we keep an eye on our moles so that any changes are detected early. 

The acronym ABCDE is really helpful when trying to remember what to look out for when checking your moles. We are looking for 5 different factors that may indicate that a mole needs reviewing to exclude melanoma.  

Asymmetry: if one half of the mole is noticeably different to the other

Border: if the mole has an irregular or undefined border

Colour: if the mole is an uneven colour or has many colours within it

Diameter: if the mole is bigger than 6mm in size

Evolving: if the mole is changing in size, shape or colour

These 5 factors are a really helpful way of keeping track of the moles on your body and can help you to feel confident about your moles. Looking out for these 5 factors means that you know what is going on with the moles on your body, and any changes you are likely to notice right away and if a mole does turn out to be cancerous, you have the best chance of catching it early. 

If you are concerned about your mole or feel that it is unsightly or wish simply to discover more about the mole removal techniques used by Mr Ross, please give us a call. We’ll be able to arrange an appointment for you at your earliest convenience to have your mole assessed.

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