How soon can I return to exercise after Breast Augmentation?

Women undergoing breast augmentation wish to plan their postop recovery in advance and often wish to know what they can do afterwards and when they can return to regular exercise.

During a consultation with Mr. Ross and during your follow-up surgical visits you will be given individualized advice. Often it will depend on the extent of surgery, location of the implants and the type of implants. 

If implants are placed under the muscle it is important to rest the pec muscles for the first 4-6 weeks postop. Likewise if anatomical implants have been used then it is important to let the scarring around the implant to develop and for the capsule to form in an anatomical position. 

Sometimes flexibility is required as healing and recovery after surgery cannot always be predicted and everyone is different. 

As a general rule it is best to avoid exercise for the first 1-2 weeks following surgery. After this one can start exercising. The best initial exercises are leg-based exercises and cycling is often a good way to get back into the swing of things. 

Exercises the use the chest, shoulder and back muscles are best avoided for the first 2-4 weeks. After 4 weeks gently restarting your regular exercise is often possible. 

Your recovery like your surgery is individualized. Even when you restart your normal exercise regime you must listen to your body and allow yourself adequate healing time. You will not be able to do the same intensity workouts as preop. Not only have you had time off but also you have had an operation and your tissues will remain inflamed for some months postop.

Often on recommencing exercise women find that breast implants can feel a different temperature and often can feel stretching pains especially towards the armpit. Chest pains around the inframammary incision are also common and these usually settle.

After the 6-week stage you should be back to everything you normally do. You may still get some discomfort at this time. If you have any concerns you should contact Mr. Ross for advice.

Throughout your cosmetic surgery journey you will be able to ask any queries you have. The process should be as simple and easy for you as possible. The question regarding exercise is probably the most common question in breast augmentation surgery and although there is a lot of advice on the internet it is important to discuss your individualized requirements with Mr Ross. 

To arrange a consultation with Mr Ross regarding breast augmentation give the practice a ring on 01614014033.


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