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It is becoming increasingly popular for people to want correct information about their food. We want to know how many calories are in our favourite coffee from the coffee shop for example, but are we aware of how much exercise is needed to burn off these calories? The chief executive of the Royal Society for Public Health says a simple icon on food packaging could be the answer.

Their idea is that with a simple, recognisable icon, people will have better understanding of the effort needed to burn off the calories in their favourite snacks. 

The idea behind this icon is not to scare people into dieting, but rather to educate them on what they eat and how this can impact their lives. It allows people to see just how active they need to be in order to burn off their tasty treats. Encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle can only be beneficial and can help people to have a better quality of life. 


Encouraging people to try to be more active in order to burn off their surplus calories can help them to feel good about themselves and have a positive attitude towards a healthy balanced lifestyle. 


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