Is Gynaecomastia Surgery Right for Me?

How to know if gynaecomastia surgery right for you

An increasingly requested form of cosmetic surgery for men is gynaecomastia surgery. Otherwise known as a male breast reduction, this procedure removes unwanted tissue from the chest.

Gynaecomastia surgery is designed to help adult males who are unhappy with the aesthetic appearance of their chest. A male breast reduction is a surgical procedure and like all surgery comes with risks.

There are-non surgical treatments such as fat reduction using energy-assisted devices, but it’s largely agreed gynaecomastia surgery is the long-term solution.

Why do some men need gynaecomastia surgery?

Male breasts can form for several reasons. For some patients, it can be a genetic condition, for others a result of hormonal changes during puberty.

Weight can also play a factor but diet and exercise can usually shrink the chest if this is the problem. A form of gynaecomastia surgery can be offered to remove excess skin post-weight loss if this is deemed necessary.

Treating gynaecomastia

For men affected by this condition, gynaecomastia surgery can provide life-changing results. Those suffering from this fairly common but unwanted condition may feel emotional distress as well as unhappiness with their physical appearance.
Choosing to undergo gynaecomastia surgery shouldn’t be undertaken lightly, but often provides welcome relief for men unhappy with the appearance of their chest.

The traditional surgical procedure takes 1-2 hours and is performed under general anaesthetic in a hospital. You will be required to stay overnight.

Other treatment options

Other treatment options may include fat removal using Body-jet. It’s often the case that fat reduction is used alongside gynaecomastia surgery to get a more natural-looking result.

Body-jet fat removal is water-assisted, so the fat can be taken from the breast in a more gentle way. This results in less bruising.

Which form of gynaecomastia surgery you require is between you and your surgeon. A full consultation is required in order to ascertain suitability.

Recovering from gynaecomastia surgery

Male breast reduction surgery requires some recovery time, and this should be factored into your decision to undergo treatment. You will likely need some time off work and be required to rest.

You are likely to have scars but you can help these heal faster by following some simple steps. This blog post offers some useful tips and advice for wound care and recovering from surgery.

Choosing a surgeon for breast surgery

It’s important to do your research before committing to any kind of breast surgery, including male breast reduction procedures. Take the time to research before choosing a plastic surgeon and do your homework regarding the procedure.

We have lots of helpful information on our treatment pages if you are considering undergoing gynaecomastia surgery. If you are interested in learning more about surgeon selection you may find this article useful.

Please call or email the clinic if you would like to book a consultation for gynaecomastia procedures including male breast reduction.

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