What Happens In A Facial Fat Grafting Procedure?

There are many different ways that a fat grafting procedure can occur but the main way that this procedure takes place is fat being needed to be transferred from one area of the body to the face. In this vlog, further details are provided on how a facial fat grafting procedure takes place, the results of a fat grafting surgery and the pros and cons of it.

How the procedure works involve utilising your own body fat and then separating the body fat in its different fragments. There are particular fragments that are separated from the fat including the blood, the stem cells and plasma. Another fragment that’s separated from the fat is the pure body fat which is required to inject directly onto the bone and into the zygoma.

There is a case study provided in the vlog which provides before and after the results of the facial fat grafting procedure. As you can see, it shows there are great enhancements made to the face of the fat transfer procedure. Other elements of the fat grafting procedure can also be utilized to help rejuvenate the face. These products are known to have rejuvenating qualities for the skin which is why they are considered beneficial.

There is another case study post and pre-op provided which also shows the improvements that can be made when a patient goes through a facial grafting procedure. This is becoming an increasingly popular procedure for patients and although some patients may consider the alternative of fillers to improve their skin appearance, it wouldn’t be as effective as a fat grafting procedure in the long term. It’s worth noting, however, that this still wouldn’t be a long term solution as the fat can restore over time. The options that you have available to you can be discussed through a consultation.

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