What You Can Expect From Your Nose Job Consultation

doctor pushing up patient nostrils for nose reshaping surgery

A nose job, more scientifically known as a rhinoplasty procedure, involves adjustments being made to your nose to improve its appearance. This surgery can be chosen to rectify trauma or injury to the nose, but it is most commonly opted for when a patient’s wish to make cosmetic changes to their appearance. 

The procedure can either make the nose larger, smaller or even change its angle and shape. This can be done on the bridge of the nose, rectify any bumps or alter the tip of the nose.

Before you have your surgery, it’s important that you first go through your nose job consultation with us first. If you’re wondering about what you should expect, we’ve provided a breakdown for you so you know exactly what to expect.

What happens during your first nose job consultation?

Before you can go ahead with your surgery, we’ll first schedule a nose job consultation with us. During this time, your surgeon will discuss with you some factors that will determine whether you’ll be an ideal candidate for the surgery. 

The following factors will be discussed with you:

Your medical history

It should be noted that your desire to have the surgery should be your own and this is something that will be discussed with you and your surgeon. Once you discuss this, your surgeon will then begin to discuss your personal medical history including if you take any medication or supplements, nasal obstructions etc.

A physical examination

If after this, there is no reason to believe that you are not an ideal candidate for the surgery we’ll then conduct a physical examination. This may include blood tests if necessary. Your surgeon will also examine your skin, including the inside and outside of your nose. 

This will provide a better idea of whether the desired changes are achievable as your physical structure could impact these results. Essentially, a full examination of your nose will be required during your nose consultation to ensure that your appearance or breathing isn’t hindered in any way. 


At this stage, if you’re still seen as someone that could be ideal for the surgery, the next step would be to take your photos from different angles. These images are used to manipulate what your appearance looks like through digital technology. They are also used for before-and-after photos, for assessment purposes and for long-term reviews.

Discussing your expectations

The final stage of your nose job consultation will be to discuss your expectations after the examinations have taken place. It’s important that you’re completely honest about your expectations as your surgeon will find it a lot easier to understand what they can and can’t do during the surgery. 

They’ll be able to provide a detailed explanation on how the surgery will be conducted and if there are alternatives required and why. For example, if you’re not a suitable candidate for rhinoplasty, your surgeon may suggest adjustments to your chin which can improve your facial appearance. 

If you clear all these stages, you can then look forward to arranging your surgery appointment. You’ll be provided guidance on how you can best prepare for your surgery and what the steps will be before you head into the surgery room. 

Rhinoplasty at Gary L Ross

Here at Gary L Ross, as with all of our procedures we aim to put your needs at the forefront of what we do. If you’re considering rhinoplasty surgery for your nose, we want you to be as honest as possible with us during your nose job consultation so we can manage your expectations that best suit your needs. Contact us today to book your consultation with us.

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