Common Types of Nose Surgery

You may be more familiar with a cosmetic nose surgery to help change the appearance of your nose, but did you know there are different types of nose surgery? A cosmetic rhinoplasty is a very common choice for patients that are looking to ‘improve’ how their nose looks. However, other nose surgeries are also available, each having their own purpose.

It’s important to consider that each person is different, so there will be different results for each patient. With this in mind, let’s explore the most common types of nose surgery.

Reduction Rhinoplasty

A reduction rhinoplasty involves the process of making your nose smaller. If you opt for this type of surgery you choose to reduce the overall size of the nose or choose to reduce specific parts such as the tip or bridge of the nose. How this surgery is accomplished is by removing cartilage or the bone to provide the desired shape.

Post Traumatic Rhinoplasty

If you’ve had an injury to the nose, a post-traumatic rhinoplasty if often performed. The nose is constructed of very complex tissue and bone structures so when the nose experiences this traumatic experience, this structure can be heavily impacted. This may include a broken bone, damaged cartilage and asymmetry, plus more.

There is also any form of bleeding that can interrupt this structure. When nose bleeding occurs the blood clots block of regular blood flow. This can cause the cartilage involved in the partition to deteriorate, a condition commonly known as septal hematoma.

Reconstructive Rhinoplasty

Surgery that has been undertaken due to cancer or facial trauma can often leave the nose with a disfigured appearance. This is because of the amount of tissue that’s been removed from the surgery previous. A revision rhinoplasty helps to restore that tissue that’s been lost and recover it if it’s beyond the repair.

This type of surgery would require the process of grafting to help recover this tissue and it can be taken from several parts of the body. Due to how complex the surgery is, you may require several surgeries during reconstructive rhinoplasty to help repair this tissue.

Revision Rhinoplasty

If you’ve gone through a previous cosmetic surgery on your nose and are either dissatisfied with the original result or have trouble breathing, a revision rhinoplasty can be the solution to this. It helps to repair the function of the nose as well as provide an improved appearance to how your nose looks.

Augmentation Rhinoplasty

Common types of nose surgery can also include an augmentation rhinoplasty. This requires the surgeon performing bone or tissue grafting up the nasal area or the bridge. Cartilage can be removed from other areas of the nose to help perform this grafting procedure.

Different Types of Nose Surgery For You

These are just some of the common types of nose surgery that are available to you. Depending on what you want to achieve from the surgery can determine which one will be ideal for you. Booking a consultation with us, we’ll be able to discuss your wants and needs of the surgery which will give us a better idea of what surgery is best to perform.

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