Can I breast feed following breast augmentation?

Breastfeeding is a vital function, with numerous psychological, physiologic, anatomical, social, and cultural factors. Breast milk is an optimal and complete food for newborns up to 6 months of age, not only because of the nutrients that it provides but also because of the antibodies transmitted by the mother and the affective bond created between the mother and child, which promotes sensory and cognitive development, in addition to protecting the infant against infectious and chronic diseases, according to the World Health Organization

One of the concerns many young women face is whether to have a breast augmentation before starting their families or leave the decision until later in life. 

Mr Ross always advises patients that they should wait until after completing their families before considering breast surgery. There are however some women whose confidence is so affected by the size of their breasts that they would rather consider breast augmentation prior to thinking about having a family. In this scenario one of the commonest questions asked is whether breast augmentation can affect the ability to breast feed.

A recent study from Argentina looked at 100 patients with breast implants and compared the chance of breast feeding to 100 women without implants. The principal objective was to evaluate the incidence of breastfeeding at 30 days. The results showed that most patients with breast implants 93 percent compared to 99 percent without implants were able to establish breastfeeding. There was more chance of exclusive lactation with breast augmentation through an inframammary scar vs a periraeola scar although location of the breast implant did not seem to have any affect.

All women must be aware that there may be a decrease in the possibility of breast feeding following breast augmentation although in this study the chance of breast feeding with implants was 93%. 

It is important to consider all the pros and cons of breast surgery and be empowered to make a decision to proceed or not. Mr Ross will always take you through the pros and cons and the breast augmentation options using biodiemnsional analysis, 3D technology and Virtual Reality to help you in the decision making process.



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