Can Fat Grafting be Effective Anti-Ageing for the Face?

Fat grafting using the autologous fat transfer method as an anti ageing treatment

An increasingly popular form of fat grafting is rapidly becoming a go-to anti-ageing procedure for patients.

Autologous fat transfer can be completed as a stand-alone procedure or as part of a wider treatment plan. They can be used to provide facial volume and rejuvenate the face.

Unlike non-surgical facial rejuvenation treatments like dermal fillers, the results of fat grafting using autologous fat transfer are long-lasting.

Why choose this anti ageing treatment?

Many patients choose this alternative to facial filler because the results are incredibly natural looking. It is also ideal for patients that wish to try an alternative to dermal fillers and volumising injections.

What is fat grafting?

This is a cosmetic procedure designed to move fat from one area to another to provide volume. In the case of facial rejuvenation, fat is taken from the body and replaced in an area of the face.

What areas of the face is it suitable for?

Areas of the face that can be rejuvenated using autologous fat transfer include the cheeks, lower face and neck.

Because fat grafting uses a natural product there is less chance of reaction and complications.

What does fat grafting involve?

Fat is taken from an area of the body and replaced to an area of the face that requires volume or smoothing. It is common to take fat from the abdomen or hips.

This form of aesthetic treatment takes around an hour, and no overnight stay is required.

To ascertain suitability you’ll need to book a consultation to meet with Mr Ross.

Are the results of fat grafting long lasting?

They most certainly can be and most patients are happy with the results of their fat transfer treatments.

Results can last for a few years and look perfectly natural. Treatment may need to be completed again in the future to maintain the results.

Some patients also choose to combine fat transfer with surgical facial rejuvenation procedure like facelift surgery.

Who offers fat grafting anti ageing treatments?

Fat grafting is only available from a medical professional trained to offer autologous fat transfer. Mr Ross has advanced training in this type of anti ageing procedure and uses the Body-jet device.

What are the risks and side effects of this treatment?

All cosmetic procedures carry some risk. Patients may experience some bruising or swelling. Results will not be seen in full for a few weeks, which you should keep in mind after undergoing this type of treatment.

More information

Mr Gary Ross offers a selection of facial rejuvenation procedures. You can read more about Body-jet and this form of anti ageing treatment on the autologous fat transfer treatment page.

Call or email the clinic if you wish to book a consultation and discover more fat transfer procedures.

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