Breast Uplift Surgery (Mastopexy) – Is It Right For You?

Breast uplift surgery is designed to help those women whose breasts have sagged, either as part of the natural ageing process – sadly, gravity takes its toll on our bodies as well as our faces – or as a result of childbearing or weight loss.

What is it?

A mastopexy is aimed at lifting and recontouring the breasts to a more youthful shape and position.This usually involves repositioning the nipples and might also include Breast Augmentation Surgery (p 63) or Breast Reduction Surgery (p 65), depending on what your breasts look like to start with and the results you are trying to achieve.

Who is suitable?

You will need to undergo a thorough consultation to assess whether you are a suitable candidate. There are several different options depending on the degree of
sagging. The technical term for sagging is ‘ptosis’ and in breast uplift surgery the degree of ptosis is graded according to the distance between the nipple and the crease of the breast. In grade one, the nipple is about level with the crease; in grade two, the nipple is less than three centimetres below the crease and in grade three cases, it is more than three centimetres below the crease.
The surgeon will assess what grade of ptosis is present at the consultation and will then tell you which technique is most suitable for you. If you have only very mild sagging, you may only need a Breast Augmentation (p 63), but this will only lift the breasts by one to two centimetres and won’t halt further drooping as you age.


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