Can I Have a Breast Implant Removal and Lift at the Same Time?

Patients tend to ask whether they can have a breast implant removal and lift at the same time as breast implants can alter over time. A common issue is the implants tend to drop out of position. Similarly, the natural shape of the breasts can change through ageing, which means the shape of the implant will dictate the results of the surgery. 

Symptoms for having larger breasts tend to include neck and back pain. This is why many patients prefer to have the implants removed. Whether patients can have a breast implant removal and lift at the same time is completely determined by the condition of the breast capsules and a number of other factors. 

If the implants are diseased and more work is completed on them, there is likely to be further risk to the nipple areola complex and the healing process of these. Another risk factor is the position and how low the nipple is as the risk of combining an implant removal and lift together is determined by this.

This is a common operation and the majority of patients are suitable to go through with. In the case study provided, we can see how the results differ from before and after the surgery. The patient has opted to have the implants removed and you can see the incisions from the previous mastopexy surgery, resulting in positive results. Similarly, the next case study shows a patient how has a mastopexy surgery implemented in a different surgery proving to provide incisions that don’t appear great. To alter this, the capsule has been completely removed and scars have been revised to provide the patient with a better-looking appearance. 

Whilst having a breast implant removal and lift surgery can be common, it is still important to run through the pros and cons of the surgery through your consultation. If you’d like more information on breast augmentation removal surgery then you can get in touch by contacting us here or by calling 0161 401 4064. You can also visit our breast augmentation removal case study page

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