Can Eyes Appear Different? Blepharoplasty Before And After

What patients need to consider before going through any form of facial rejuvenation surgery is that both sides of the face are different, therefore how your face appears from blepharoplasty before and after, for example, will always appear dissimilar.

The image shown in the video is a good example of this. You’ll see in the image shown of the patient that there are differences in one eyelid compared to the other. There is more skin showing the right eyelid compared to the amount of skin shown in the left eyelid. You’ll also see that the angles of the eyes also appear different. Towards the end of the video you’ll see the results of blepharoplasty before and after the surgery and how these differences can impact the final result.

Although blepharoplasty surgery is used to reduce the excess skin formed around the eyes and provide rejuvenation, there are still differences in the eyes in the patient. The angle in which the patient’s’ eyes were before the surgery still remains but the appearance of the eyes have improved. Essentially, asymmetry will always occur with every facial rejuvenation procedure.

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