What Size Are Areolas After Breast Reduction Surgery?

A question that may arise during a consultation with patients is whether there are any changes in the size of the areolas after breast reduction surgery. In this video, we explore what specific changes can occur during breast reduction surgery. We’ll also discuss what expectations you should have from it.

Do Areolas Change After Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction surgery is a procedure that helps to reduce the volume of the breasts. As expected, this would also mean a change in the nipples in terms of their size and position. The size of the areolas after breast reduction surgery often change. Initially when the surgery is conducted, the positioning of the areola complex would normally be seen at the fold of the breast before skin tightening occurs. Afterwards, changes are made to the position and size of the areola to ensure that it’s in proportion.

The following case study provides before and after photos from the breast reduction surgery. How the skin stretches can be rather unpredictable. Which is why the areola requires stretching also. However, the appearance of the scars can appear better if less stretching occurs of the areolas.

Patients should look through case studies of those who have had similar surgery. This will help you to get a better understanding of what the final results of the surgery may look like. When looking at the patients before and after photos, consider their shape and size as this will provide you with the best indication.

If you’d like more information on breast reduction surgery then you can get in touch by contacting us here or by calling 0161 401 4064. You can also visit our breast reduction case study page.

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