Are high heels damaging your health?

With summer starting to show its presence, we will be swapping our winter boots for those summer time heels, but does wearing high heels damage your feet and cause any long-term damage? 

According to research, wearing high heels all day and having to walk around in them for long periods of time can cause and even worsen common conditions such as bunions and neuromas. 

We have listed a few warning signs to be aware of if you do wear heels often and for long periods of time:


  • Pain in the ball of your foot or toe joints
  • Shooting pains or numbness in the balls of your feet
  • Bleeding underneath your toenails


According to research, it is safe to wear high heels for a few hours a day, like at work for example, or for a night out. It is advised that a broader heel is better than a thin, pencil type heel as a broader heel is more stable and reduces the pressure to your feet. 

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