How Do Anatomical Breast Implants Results Change Over Time?

There are ways that anatomical breast implants results can change over time but this can vary depending on the type of breast implants you choose to have. They tend to come in two forms; round or natural. Natural anatomical implants, also known as teardrop implants, try to mimic your breast shape to provide a more natural look.

When the implants are inserted, it’s best to think as a patient, that the anatomical breast implants are being used as tissue expanders or balloons to increase the size and surface area of your breasts. Once inserted, they can either expand in a round or natural fashion depending on the type of implant that you choose for the procedure. The stretching of the skin becomes stretched at the initial insertion stage of the operation. 

The following case studies show the anatomical breast implants results with before and after photos. In the first case study, it shows that the breast implants have been squeezed into a round shape after 6 weeks of the procedure. This is due to the skin on the lower part of the breasts being quite tight.

Results after a few years show that the shape has developed into a more natural look because the skin has continued to expand over time several years later.

This choice isn’t everyone when it comes to anatomical breasts and there has been a large preference to have a more natural-looking shape, particularly in today’s modern society. It’s more common for patients to have natural looking anatomical breasts. The anatomical breast implants results can change over time, normally for the better, but it’s important that you discuss the pros and cons of the options available to you through your consultation.

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