Ageing Factors to Avoid and Ways to Improve Your Skin

There are plenty of options available to reduce stress levels and leave us looking good and feeling great, from wrinkle treatments to meditation. Below we look at some of the key factors that cause us to age and the ways you can combat these and start to feel more relaxed and rejuvenated inside and out.



– Alcohol dries out the skin, so reducing your alcohol intake is the simplest way to minimise the impact this has on the appearance of your skin. Make sure your keep your skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water.


Water Intake

– Increasing your water intake can drastically improve your skins appearance by increasing its radiance and healthy glow. Hydrated skin looks fresh and healthy and will drastically improve the effects of ageing.



– Lines caused by smoking can be tackled with dermal fillers which plump out and fill lines. This is a particularly effective treatment for lines around the mouth.

– For deeper lines Botox can be used to ease deeper wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.


Lack of sleep

– Sleep tracking apps and devices will help you define your sleeping habits. These devices can recommend personalised sleep schedules, give you reminders of when it’s time to go to bed and tips for improving your night time routine.

– Meditation is a well-known way to reduce stress and anxiety, but did you know it can also improve sleep? One study showed that 58% of insomniacs showed significant improvements in sleep by practising meditation. The easiest way to drift off to a better night’s sleep is with a guided meditation app with features designed to ease you into sleep.

Increasing your hours of sleep will help your skin to appear less tired and will rejuvenate your facial appearance.

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