Plastic Surgery in Preston

Are you looking to get plastic surgery in Preston? Gary Ross’ plastic surgery and reconstructive services are the best in the North West. Gary Ross has over 25 years experience working with patients, and he now performs a variety of plastic and cosmetic surgeries at the highly esteemed BMI Alexandra Hospital. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for small amounts of plastic surgery or a highly intensive procedure – Mr Ross has a long list of accreditations and experience, meaning he has something for everyone. He is a member of the renowned BAAPS, BAPRAS, ASPS, and ABS. If you’re looking for the finest plastic surgery in Preston, Mr Ross should be your first consideration. 

Why Plastic Surgery Patients in Preston Choose Gary Ross

Gary Ross has over 25 years experience of working with plastic surgery patients in Preston, and they trust him for a myriad of reasons. The testimonials from happy patients speak for themselves! Furthermore, Gary Ross’ comprehensive portfolio showcases his extensive range of skills and qualifications, making him a safe and honourable plastic surgeon to trust for your plastic surgery. His thorough and patient-led approach means that patients are fully aware throughout the entire process. He provides specialised treatment plants to all of his patients, so they can get the results you desire. If you are interested in seeing the results of his surgeries, there are many case studies available to view for each treatment.

Plastic Surgery Treatments Available in Preston

Gary Ross is an experienced surgeon who has been performing these surgeries for over 25 years to patients in Preston. If you’re looking for more information about what  Mr Ross offers in terms of  plastic surgery, here are all the plastic surgery treatments available. 

Facial Plastic Surgery 

Many patients in Preston consider facial plastic surgery. Mr Ross has a long list of facial surgical treatments that he performs from neck lifts to facial implants that you should consider before your consultation. 

Body Plastic Surgery 

Gary Ross has many full body procedures available for his patients in Preston, targeting all different parts of the body. If you’re looking for a thigh lift, arm lift, or Mummy makeover just to name a few, Mr Ross can help you. 

Breast Plastic Surgery 

Gary Ross is best known for his breast surgeries, and it is one of his specialities. Mr Ross’ plastic surgery patients in Preston praise him for the results he can achieve, giving them the breasts they’ve always wanted. Mr Ross has extensive experience with all types of breast surgery, from breast augmentation to breast reduction.

Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery

Mr Ross is also recognised for his skilled aesthetic treatments as well as his surgery experience, especially his anti-ageing procedures. If you’re looking for aesthetic treatments such as chemical peels or wrinkle fillers in Preston, Mr Ross can provide many non-surgical aesthetic treatments. 

Becoming a Patient of Gary Ross

If you want to become one of Mr Ross’ plastic surgery patients in Preston, you should make an initial consultation with us. Make sure that you arrive prepared and know all the questions you want to ask Mr Ross. For Gary Ross and his expert plastic surgery team, his patients are at the forefront of his work. Gary Ross will be able to create a bespoke treatment plan that will provide your dream results, based on your desired outcomes for plastic surgery. Mr Ross may refuse to perform surgery if he feels that a patient’s medical history may complicate the surgical procedure, as the health of his patients is his most important concern. If you want to get plastic surgery in Preston with Mr Ross, book a consultation today to find out your eligibility. 

The BMI Alexandra Hospital 

Mr Ross performs all of his operations from the highly esteemed BMI Alexandra Hospital. It is one of the leading private healthcare units in the UK, and its modern facilities can provide only the finest comfort and care to our patients in Preston. It can be difficult to recover from surgery, so Gary Ross has chosen this well-organised and award-winning facility so his patients can be taken care of. The BMI Alexandra Hospital provides 24-hour care, with a team of resident doctors, and is the perfect location for Mr Ross to provide plastic surgery to Preston patients. 

Commuting to Gary Ross From Preston

Preston is roughly about an hour away from the BMI Alexandra Hospital, and can be reached really easily by car via the motorway. Plastic surgery patients in  Preston can get to the hospital in no time. The Alexandra Hospital is located just off the A34 in Cheadle. Getting plastic surgery in Preston is simple when you choose Gary Ross and the award winning Alexandra Hospital!

Enquire With Gary Ross Today 

If you are interested in having plastic surgery in Preston, get in touch with Gary Ross and his team to arrange a consultation for a more in-depth discussion.