Plastic Surgery in Prestbury

If you are considering Plastic surgery in Prestbury, Gary Ross’ plastic and reconstructive services as your first course of action. With over 25 years of experience working with patients, Gary Ross now performs a variety of plastic and cosmetic surgeries within the esteemed BMI Alexandra Hospital. Whether you are looking for a complete appearance transformation for your body, or you are looking for minimal facial tweaks to perfect the symmetry of your face, Mr Ross’ calibre of accreditations and experience means that he has something to offer everyone. An existing member of the BAAPS, BAPRAS, ASPS, and ABS, his recognition from both patients and other plastic surgeons in the UK alike makes him one of the most trusted plastic surgeons in the North West region. 

Becoming a Patient of Gary Ross

Becoming a patient of Gary Ross for plastic surgery in Prestbury all starts with an initial consultation. It is recommended for patients to come prepared with any questions you may have for Mr Ross, and also be open about the desired results you wish to achieve. For Gary Ross and his team of plastic surgeons, the satisfaction and safety of each patient come first. It would be wise to revise the list of treatments that Mr Ross has on offer. Based on the information you share, Gary Ross will be able to create a bespoke treatment plan that will guide the journey of getting your dream results in the safest way possible. Gary Ross will never perform surgeries if a patient has any existing health defects that may hinder the results and also put the patient’s well being at risk. Finding out if you qualify for his transformative surgeries in Prestbury is best confirmed after your initial consultation.

Why Prestbury Plastic Surgery Patients Choose Mr Ross

Gary Ross is trusted by patients in Prestbury for many reasons. Whilst the testimonials speak for themselves, Gary Ross’ comprehensive portfolio showcases the range of skills and qualifications he has, making him a safe and honourable plastic surgeon to trust for your plastic surgery. His 360 approach means that patients are never left in the dark about their complete treatment process. He skillfully curates a personalised treatment plan for each patient depending on their desired outcomes. If you are interested in seeing the results of his surgeries, there are many case studies available to view for each treatment.

Prestbury Plastic Surgery Treatments Available 

If you are looking for more information as to which plastic surgeries are available to Prestbury residents, take a look at the categories in which Mr Ross is adept at performing:

Facial Plastic Surgery 

Facial plastic surgeries are popular amongst patients in Prestbury. From neck lifts to facial implants, there is an abundant list of facial procedures available for patients to consider before booking in for their initial consultation.

Body Plastic Surgery 

Whether you are perfecting an insecurity or you have faced natural changes to your body that you would like to alter, Gary Ross has many body procedures available for Prestbury patients. Choose from thigh lifts, arm lifts, and Mummy makeovers just to name a few.

Breast Plastic Surgery 

Gary Ross is known for his breast surgeries. As one of his specialities, plastic surgery patients in Prestbury leave the surgery once healed with the breasts they have always wanted. From breast augmentation to breast reduction, there are many breast procedures to choose from.

Non-Surgical Plastic Surgery

In addition to his surgical treatments, Gary Ross is also recognised for his skilled aesthetic treatments such as age-reversing procedures. From chemical peels to wrinkle fillers, several non-surgical procedures are worth considering if you are looking to improve fine lines and pigmentation.

The BMI Alexandra Hospital 

The BMI Alexandra Hospital is the operating location in which Gary Ross and his team of professionals conduct their plastic and cosmetic surgeries for Prestbury patients. As one of the leading private healthcare units in the UK, the modern facilities are designed to provide patients with the highest level of care and comfort possible. We understand the discomfort that surgeries can cause, and it is for that reason Gary Ross has chosen this well-organised and award-winning facility for patients to be taken care of within. With 24-hour care and a team of resident doctors, it is a trusted location for patients having all genres of reconstructive surgeries.

Commuting to Gary Ross From Prestbury 

In just a short 30-minute commute, plastic surgery patients in Prestbury can arrive at the BMI Alexandra Hospital in no time. The Alexandra Hospital is located just off the A34 in Cheadle. Patients appreciate the accessibility of commuting to the practice shortly out of Cheshire, which is just another benefit of opting for all your plastic and cosmetic surgery needs with Gary Ross.

Enquire With Gary Ross Today 

If you are interested in having plastic surgery in Prestbury, get in touch with Gary Ross and his team to arrange a consultation for a more in-depth discussion.