Plastic Surgery in Macclesfield

For plastic surgery in Macclesfield, Gary Ross and his team of experienced surgeons are renowned for their transformative plastic and cosmetic procedures. The amazing results that have been achieved by Gary Ross for his patients in the Macclesfield area speak for themselves, in addition to the personable testimonials that have been left by patients who have completed their plastic surgeries. Not only is Gary Ross adept at creating life-changing results, but the care that patients receive for their plastic surgery in Macclesfield also ensures their complete safety from start to finish. As an accredited member of the BAAPS and BAPRAS, he is recognised as one of the best cosmetic and plastic surgeons in the North West.

Plastic Surgery Treatments Available in Macclesfield 

If you are considering plastic surgery in Macclesfield, Gary Ross and his team offer an extensive range of treatments in which he has decades of experience performing each genre of the procedure. From body, face, breast and non-surgical plastic and cosmetic surgeries, there are some treatments available. 

Face Plastic Surgeries 

For face plastic surgeries in Macclesfield, patients will benefit from Gary Ross’ speciality conducting plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Whether you are looking for a neck lift to reduce excess skin, or you require blepharoplasty to reduce signs of ageing, there are a number of face procedures to choose from.

Body Plastic Surgeries 

For body plastic surgeries in Macclesfield, there are a number of treatments which Gary Ross is skilled at performing. From body lifts to mummy makeovers, there are a number of case studies available for the body procedures that are available for Macclesfield patients.

Breast Plastic Surgeries 

Breast plastic surgeries in the Macclesfield area are especially popular for patients who are looking to achieve the desired appearance for their breasts. From autologous fat transfers to breast reconstructions, there are a number of breast procedures to consider.

Non-Surgical Procedures 

If you are considering non-surgical procedures in Macclesfield, Gary Ross and his team are experienced in perfecting natural features using these non-invasive methods. From dermabrasions to wrinkle fillers to smooth the skin, there are a number of non-surgical procedures available to choose from.

Why Choose Gary Ross

If you are considering Gary Ross for your cosmetic and plastic surgeries in Macclesfield, there are a number of reasons why patients achieve life-changing results, and also opt to work with Gary Ross for future procedures. His extensive knowledge and experience working within a variety of medical fields, including being a previous consultant for the NHS, makes him an ideal plastic surgeon if you are looking for the highest quality results, in addition to the safest outcomes possible. Each patient is unique, and for this reason Gary Ross creates a bespoke treatment plan. This will be curated by Mr Ross after your initial consultation, when a comprehensive guide of the treatment process will be advised to patients, in addition to any questions and concerns being addressed.

The BMI Alexandra Hospital 

The BMI Alexandra Hospital is a private health care facility in which patients who are opting for plastic surgery in Macclesfield will have their procedures carried out. The modern facility is accredited for its high-quality care, 24-hour service, and also comfortability when supporting patients during recovery. Macclesfield patients who choose to have their plastic surgery with Gary Ross at his operating facility have expressed their gratitude and satisfaction in our testimonials with the treatment they received during their stay. 

Commuting From Macclesfield to the BMI Alexandra Hospital 

With just a short 30-minute commute to the Alexandra Hospital in Cheadle from Macclesfield Centre, patients can easily access the facility via the A523. The time may differ depending on live traffic updates, so always check if there are any obstructions before setting off. Patients for plastic surgery in Macclesfield value the short distance it takes to reach the facility, which is ultimately another reason why so many in the North West choose to work with Gary Ross.

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