Plastic Surgery in Knutsford

Gary Ross is a plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgeon based in the Northwest of England. The hundreds of patients who have chosen him for their plastic surgery in Knutsford, have gained remarkable outcomes as a result of his decades of experience and expertise working in the field of reconstructive surgery. Based at his private practice located in the BMI Alexandra hospital, Gary Ross provides plastic surgery transformations for a range of procedures for patients in Knutsford. The individual treatment plans that are curated for plastic surgery patients in Knutsford ensure that patients are not only kept informed throughout the process but that they are also in the safest hands. 

The BMI Alexandra Hospital

The BMI Alexandra Hospital based in Cheadle is a private healthcare facility where Gary Ross carries out his surgeries. With such a short distance between the Alexandra Hospital and Knutsford, plastic and cosmetic surgery patients value the convenience of getting to and from the facility from their initial consultation, all the way to their post-op checkups. As one of the top private healthcare facilities in the UK, the BMI Alexandra Hospital offers 24-hour care, modern facilities, and also private rooms that support recovery and relaxation before, during and after plastic surgeries.

Plastic Surgery Available in Knutsford 

If you are considering plastic surgery in Knutsford, there are some procedures to consider. Taking the time to research each treatment is beneficial and recommended before making any final decisions. You will be offered an extensive insight into what your enquired treatment would include, as well as be informed of your bespoke treatment plan which will be tailored by Gary Ross after your initial consultation. Gary Ross offers a range of both plastic surgery and cosmetic surgery for both female and male patients. Deciding which treatment is for you should not be a rushed decision, and it is advised that patients read all of the information we have available on the plastic surgery treatments available in Knutsford. 

Face Cosmetic Surgeries 

Facial cosmetic and plastic surgeries are available with Mr Gary Ross. He offers a variety of treatments in Knutsford including brow lifts, blepharoplasty, neck lifts, and rhinoplasty just to name a few. His adept skill and experience in performing face procedures mean that patients are in the safest hands.

Body Plastic Surgeries 

If you are considering body plastic surgery in the Knutsford area, you have many procedures to choose from with Gary Ross. From arm lifts to mummy makeovers, to skin reconstruction surgery, there are a number of body procedures to choose from.

Non-Surgical Plastic Surgeries 

Gary Ross is also renowned for his individualised approach to his non-surgical plastic surgeries in Knutsford. Less invasive non-surgical procedures such as chemical peels, dermabrasion, and also wrinkle fillers are great complementary treatments to consider when paired with plastic surgery in Knutsford.

Breast Plastic Surgeries

Breast plastic surgeries in Knutsford are especially popular with patients of Gary Ross. His successful case studies speak for themselves with the number of breast surgeries he has completed within his decades of experience. From breast augmentations to breast reconstruction, there are a number of breast procedures available for patients in Knutsford.

Why Knutsford Patients Choose Gary Ross

Gary Ross and his team of professionals are trusted by the people of Knutsford for a number of reasons. They provide optimal and extensive care for patients throughout their surgical journey, ensuring patients are kept informed through each step. Patient safety is at the heart of what Gary Ross and his team do, hence why the care of patients is reviewed just as highly as the results of patients once they have completed recovery. 

Commuting From Knutsford To The BMI Alexandra Hospital 

Located just a short 30-minute drive on average from Knutsford town centre, the commute from Knutsford from The BMI Alexandra Hospital is easily accessible. The fastest route to the facility would be best taken on via the M56 for 16.4 miles, but of course, the time in which it takes will highly differ from where plastic surgery patients in Knutsford are setting off from. It is best to check live traffic updates to ensure there are no obstructions to your journey to the facility.

Enquire With Us Today 

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