Plastic Surgery In Altrincham 

For people who are considering plastic surgery in Altrincham, Gary Ross and his team of experienced surgeons are here to provide the most up to date and transformative surgeries available today. From brow lifts to breast augmentations, Gary Ross has the capability and experience to cover an array of plastic surgeries for patients looking into having treatments in Altrincham. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in the North West region, it is no surprise that hundreds of patients trust Mr Gary Ross to complete their transformations every year.

Plastic Surgery Treatments Available In Altrincham

Each patient is unique, therefore the treatment plan for people seeking plastic surgery in Altrincham is likewise bespoke. All patients will however be given the same exceptional treatment through the process of having their plastic surgery, from the very first consultation right until the final check ups once the surgery is completed. To help guide on on your journey for plastic surgery in Altrincham, take a look at the list of procedures that are available with Mr Gary Ross:

Body Plastic Surgeries

There are a number of advanced body plastic surgeries available to consider with Gary Ross. This includes but is not limited to abdominoplasty, arm lifts, liposuction, mummy makeovers, and much more. Take a look at the body procedures available for more information, and also real life case studies.

Face Plastic Surgeries 

If you are considering face plastic surgeries in Altrincham, you have a choice of many reconstructive and transformative treatments. This includes but is not limited to blepharoplasty, face lifts, and also rhinoplasty. Take a look at our face procedures for a more insightful look at the plastic surgeries available.

Breast Plastic Surgeries 

If you have been considering breast plastic surgeries in Altrincham, Gary Ross’ extensive experience means that you are in the most valuable care for having your procedures of choice. The breast surgeries in Altrincham include but are not limited to breast augmentations, breast reductions, and mastopexy (breast lifts). Take a look at the list of breast procedures we have available.

Non-Surgical Procedures 

Finally for patients who are considering non-surgical, cosmetic treatments in Altrincham, Gary Ross and his team of professionals also offer transformation, non-invasive treatments. This includes but is not limited to anti-wrinkle injections, chemical peels, and laser resurfacing to perfect the appearance of the skin and bring you back to life. Take a look at the full list of non-surgical procedures we offer here at Gary Ross.

Becoming a Patient of Gary Ross

For patients looking into Gary Ross’ plastic surgery in Altrincham, the start of the process will begin with an initial consultation. Depending on the plastic or cosmetic treatment you are enquiring about, Mr Ross will be able to talk you through the process of the treatment, get to understand your expectations, and also show you real life case studies of the treatments you are enquiring about. Any sort of surgical procedure is a big decision to make, so Gary Ross will make sure he has extensively covered all of the needed information before any treatments are confirmed, and make sure that each patient is making the best decision for them.

Why Altrincham Patients Choose Gary Ross

Many patients who undergo plastic surgery in Altrincham opt for Gary Ross’ services due to his expertise in plastic, reconstructive and aesthetic surgery. With his operating facility, the BMI Alexandra Hospital, just a 20 minute commute and less than 10 mile distance from Altrincham, patients from Altrincham value the closeness in proximity. 

Commuting to the BMI Alexandra Hospital 

There are multiple routes for commuting to the BMI Alexandra Hospital from Altrincham for plastic surgery. Firstly you can commute via Hale Road, the A538 and the M65, which will take you approximately 20 minutes and 10 miles distance. Secondly, you have the option of commuting via A590 and Altrincham Road taking 20 minutes with 8 mile distance. Finally, you can promontaley take your commute via the M56 taking 20 minutes and 9 miles. Whatever route you choose to take for your plastic surgery in Altrincham, they are fast and accessible.

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