The final report of the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) was
published in September 2016.

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Within this document the CMA required publication of information on the fees charged by consultants.

Mr. Ross charges £200 for initial consultations for aesthetic procedures. For reconstructive consultations, second opinions and revisionary cases the consultation fees are £250 but can depend on the complexity of the referral. Following surgery Mr. Ross does not charge additional consultation fees other than in the case of oncological / reconstructive follow up.  If this is anticipated this will be declared at the time of the initial consultation. After a consultation Mr. Ross will always give a fixed quote for surgical procedures and patients are informed about the perioperative care and after care package of care. Unfortunately in Aesthetic Surgery patients looking to compare prices are rarely aware of the various range of techniques and procedures even for a named procedure. Procedures need to be individualized and can be highly variable depending on the requirements of the individual patient. Complexity of procedures is highly variable and definitive fixed pricing can only be determined after a consultation after discussion about the variety of options and their pros and cons. In Facial Rejuvenation surgery there are a variety of requests which are broadly related to reducing or increasing volume, changing shape and Improving symmetry. There are a host of non-surgical and surgical treatments and these can also be combined. With periorbital rejuvenation patients may consider upper lid blepharoplasty, lower lid blepharoplasty and direct and indirect brow lifting. To take lower lid blepharoplasty as an example.
The lower lid can be accessed through the eyelid (transconjunctival) or through the skin under the eyelash (subciliary). Skin only can be removed, the muscle (orbicularis oris) can be excised or repositioned, the orbital septum that contains under the muscle can be released/tightened, the fat can be excised / repositioned, the arcus marginalis can be released, the orbicularis retaining ligament can be released, the spaces of the upper cheek dissected and the canthal tendon tightened /repositioned. This procedure can also be combined with an upper lid blepharoplasty / facelift / brow lift / fat transfer and non-surgical procedures. A skin only blepharoplasty under local anesthetic may cost around £3000 although this price can rise to over £7000 depending on what is required. If a lower lid blepharoplasty is combined with an upper lid blepharoplasty / face-lift / neck lift / autologous fat transfer and brow lift the price can rise to over £20,000. Although prices are very important to patients a fixed price for all the various combinations of surgery above is impossible. Patients should be given sufficient information and empowered to make a decision to proceed with surgery during a consultation. Patients should be guided in making this decision based on their best interest. This should not be dictated by price. Mr. Ross believes that there should not be a compromise in patient care by offering a suboptimal procedure simply because it is less expensive. It is Mr. Ross’s opinion that it is better not to perform/offer a procedure that would provide a sub-optimal result. Following a consultation with Mr. Ross this may be one outcome. Where Mr. Ross feels that patient’s expectations are realistic and a suitable outcome to meet those expectations can be obtained Mr. Ross will give a fixed quote for surgery. Mr. Ross will give patients time to reflect and at no point is there any obligation to proceed.