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Should I Choose a Free Nipple Graft?

Breast Reduction Nipple Graft

We continue our recent vlog series on breast reduction advice this week with a look to nipple grafts. If you’re about to undergo treatment for a reduction or maybe if you’re currently assessing your options and the results you could see, this video has been created to better inform you on what to expect and to tackle the changes that you’ll have to consider.

As you’ll see, breast reduction surgery is different for every person depending on what the size of the initial breast is. For larger breasts sometimes when undergoing surgery it is not possible to achieve a smaller size without needing a nipple graft. Free nipple grafts are offered as part of the treatment to ensure proportion in the changes seen. During this process the nipple is removed and the breast is then reshaped before the replacement or nipple graft is positioned on the resized breast.

The video offers examples of breast reduction nipple graft changes and how the nipple itself is impacted by the procedure. Before undergoing this surgery, it is always best to discuss the pros and cons of nipple grafts during your initial consultation. Your surgeon will be able to outline the risks imposed whilst providing advice on what would be best for your reduction in relation to your size and shape.

If you’d like more information on free nipple grafts or breast reductions as a whole that you can get in touch by contacting us here or by calling 0161 401 4064. You can also visit our breast reduction case study page to view the results of our performed treatments.


Anti ageing treatments for the eye area

Choosing the best anti ageing treatments for the eyes

Anti ageing treatments for the eye area are a great way to looking more youthful in time for the festive period. As we approach the end of 2018 and look forward to the New Year ahead, you may be considering undergoing cosmetic treatments to rejuvenate the face, and anti ageing eye treatments are a great way to kick start 2019.

There are many non surgical anti-ageing treatments which can prove useful in reducing the appearance of fine lines around the eyes or smoothing wrinkles which may appear above or below the eye area. Some of the most popular forms of non-surgical anti ageing treatments include dermal fillers, muscle relaxing injections and chemical skin peels.

There are also surgical alternatives such as blepharoplasty procedure but these require recovery time.

Considering injectables?

As well as facial rejuvenation surgery, Mr Ross offers anti ageing treatments for the eye area. Depending on what ageing concern you are aiming to treat, you may wish to choose to undergo one or a combination of several anti-ageing treatments designed to improve the skin around the eyes.

A full consultation with a medical professional is vital before undergoing any type of non surgical cosmetic treatment, however these three anti-ageing treatments are usually universally considered appropriate (and useful more often than not) for the treatment of ageing around the eyes.

Muscle relaxing injections

Muscle relaxing injections offer a non-invasive solution to lines and wrinkles forming around the eyes. Rather than smoothing lines and wrinkles, muscle relaxing injections are designed to prevent new ageing lines and wrinkles from forming, improving the youthful appearance of the face.

This is one of the most popular forms of non surgical anti-ageing treatment in the UK today with celebrities and regular clients are like enjoying the versatility of this extremely popular skin rejuvenation treatment.

Dermal fillers

Like muscle relaxing injections dermal filler treatment is administered using an injectable solution, however facial fillers themselves are not designed to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming around the eyes, but smooth and reduce the appearance of existing ones. There are many types of dermal fillers available and which one is most suitable for your needs is determined during a consultation with the cosmetic doctor of your choice.

Chemical skin peels

Chemical peels are a well established form of nonsurgical facial rejuvenation designs to not only smooth the appearance of wrinkles but also revitalise and freshen up the skin in the upper face area. Chemical skin peels are reliable and come in three different strengths depending on the level of skin rejuvenation required: superficial, medium, and deep.

Making a decision

All of these facial rejuvenation treatments are classed as non-surgical and the anti-ageing solutions can be combined together or used as stand alone treatments. It all depends on what ageing signs above or below the eyes a patient wishes to improve.

For more information about any of the treatments listed above, or for anti-ageing surgery to improve of the signs of ageing including skin that has started to sag, or volume loss please contact the clinic and a member of the team will be happy to guide you.

Popular types of facial rejuvenation surgery

The most popular types of facial rejuvenation surgery revealed

For patients considering the facial rejuvenation surgery there are numerous factors that need to be considered. Most importantly you need to ascertain whether or not your chosen anti-ageing surgery procedure is actually the right one for you.

There are many reasons a patient may consider facial rejuvenation surgery, and every patient should be treated as an individual. Mr Ross offers a variety of anti-ageing procedures, each offering a different end result. Some of these procedures are more popular than others, and some very rarely seen to go out of style. Below you will find three of the most popular types of facial rejuvenation procedures and what specific benefits undergoing these procedures may offer.

Facelift surgery

Without doubt, one of the most sought-after forms of anti-ageing surgery in the UK is the facelift. This procedure can be performed in a variety of ways, making it suitable for many different types of patient.

There are three variations of facelift surgery that remained the most popular. These include the full facelift, the midface lift, and the lower facelift. You would need a full consultation in order to determine which variation of facelift surgery is most suitable to your needs.

You can find out more information about facelift surgery via the treatment page.

Eye rejuvenation

Eye rejuvenation procedures can include upper or lower blepharoplasty, brow lift, and eye bag removal. In some cases one or more procedure will be combined in order to give the patient the best result.

An upper eyelid rejuvenation is designed to improve the skin above the eyes whilst the lower eyelid variation is designed to improve the appearance of eye bags and sagging skin below the lash line.

This type of facial rejuvenation surgery is popular with both men and women and is often combined with procedures including facelift surgery, especially in older patients.

Neck lift surgery

For patients that are unhappy with the skin below the jawline a neck lift maybe the best facial rejuvenation procedure. It remains a popular choice for patients over the age of 50.

Unlike facelift surgery, which helps to lift the skin of the face, and neck lift is purely designed to smooth this skin of the neck and improve the appearance of the area below the chin.

Picking your facial rejuvenation surgeon

Mr Ross believes communication is key in the health professional/patient relationship, and when choosing a treatment and a practitioner.

You need to make sure your chosen medical professional understands your goals and needs. Mr Ross does not support the ‘over done’ look, nor the glamour look favoured by certain celebrities, and will turn people away seeking unrealistic and unnatural results.

“The concerning thing is, there is a part of society who want to look overdone, for whatever reason this may be, but the bottom line is that every face is different and needs to be studied before treatment.

“It is an art, not a science and some practitioners themselves need to be told when enough is enough,” Gary says.

For more information contact the clinic and ask to book a consultation.

Procedures to reduce facial ageing for men

Which procedures are men opting for to improve facial ageing?

When it comes to male cosmetic surgery, there has never been more demand. The idea that men do not seek procedures to reduce facial ageing could not be further from the truth, and as we enter 2019 this looks set to rise further.

The stigma of undergoing cosmetic surgery seem to decrease year on year, with it maintaining a steady increase in the UK. Male cosmetic surgery is something we see many enquiries about, and Mr Ross performs facial rejuvenation procedures for men mainly over 45.

Why choose to undergo cosmetic surgery?

There are various forms of anti ageing facial rejuvenation surgery. Mr Ross offers the same options to both men and women, although the procedures of course vary patient to patient.

Facial rejuvenation procedures are designed to lift, tone or smooth areas of the face and neck. The purpose of these surgical procedures is to create a more youthful appearance and boost confidence.

For men, facial rejuvenation surgery to reduce facial ageing is increasingly being sought to get ahead at work or look younger. Although in younger men we are seeing a desire for cosmetic procedures to look better on social media or boost appeal on dating apps.

What procedures help treat facial ageing?

Popular requests for 2018 have included upper blepharoplasty and brow lift surgery. In terms of the body, on the other hand, body contouring surgery including fat transfer has continued to gain popularity.

Blepharoplasty procedures are designed to rejuvenate the eye area. This can be the lower or upper lids, or both. You can find out more information about eye bag removal and eye rejuvenation surgery here.

Brow lift surgery is ideal for men looking to lift the brow line and can give a more youthful appearance to the upper face. It’s often combined with blepharoplasty procedures, as above. You can find out more about a brow lift via the treatment page.

A facelift is another popular procedure to improve an ageing face. It’s a surgical procedure that can lift sagging skin, and there are several variations of the procedure. Check out the facelift page if you’re interested in learning more about this procedure.

Non surgical options

As well as cosmetic procedures like the facelift or brow lift, Mr Ross offers non invasive alternatives. These are popular with men from 30 upwards, and while they cannot rival surgery they can be useful.

Head over to the non surgical pages if you’d like to see the available injectable options for men looking to reduce ageing signs such as wrinkles and fine lines.

Get more information

Please contact us if you would like more information about any of the treatments you have seen in this post. We have lots of information on the treatment pages, but the staff here will be happy to help you should you need any advice.

You can also book a consultation through the team. Please call 0161 401 4064 or email admin@garylross.com

5 Common Signs Of Implant Rupture In Your Breasts

Over the years breast implants have become increasingly durable yet it’s still one of the biggest concerns for patients that have cosmetic breast augmentation surgery. On average, it’s suggested that the chances of rupture rates in breast augmentation increase around 10% every 10 years.

To prevent the possibility of rupture, you’ll have regular check ups at your surgeon to ensure everything feels comfortable and is correct. Lifetime guarantees that come with your breast implants can also be a safety net to ensure you gain the right aftercare and have replacements in case something goes wrong.

However, it’s still important to be well aware of common signs of implant rupture as it can allow you to act sooner before it’s too late. Read further to discover the common clinical signs that your breast implants have suffered a rupture.

Your Implant Feels Softer

Your implant tends to feel quite firm at the beginning stages of your surgery. This is due to increased technology over time which has enabled the implants to become more durable. It can be noticeable to feel your implants change once they’ve been placed underneath your skin. If you feel as though your implant has become softer, this gives an indication that gel from the implant has leaked.

Your Implant Becomes Stiffer

In some cases, the opposite can happen and your implant can’t feel noticeably harder. This is a sign of capsular contracture, where the skin tissue reacts to the breast implants and causes them to form a different shape. This can also cause a bit of a pain.

Your Breast Becomes Swollen

Another one of the common signs of implant rupture in your breasts is if your breast becomes swollen. This occurs because the fluid from the breast implants interacts with your tissue fluid which causes the breasts to swell and become noticeably rounded. If you see any noticeable signs of swelling, then you should seek urgent advice.

Lump In Your Breasts

Any form of lump that you discover in your breasts should be considered of high importance to be seen immediately. This is because it could also be a sign of breast cancer which should be examined by a specialist for further examination. The same way a leak in a silicone breast implant can feel like breast cancer, it can also work vice versa too. Examination may involve screening and imagery to be sure what the cause has been.

Pain Or Itching

If you feel any other discomfort after you’ve had your breast surgery, such as pain or itching, these should also be considered as signs that you may have an issue with your breast implant. Be sure to check this with a specialist or return to your clinic to notify them that you feel there are issues with your breast implants.

Here at Gary Ross, we make patient care as our top priority. Although the majority of our patients are extremely happy with their results and rarely have issues with their breast implants after surgery, there can be times when risk and complications are involved. By educating you on the signs of implant ruptures, we can ensure that you’re safe and aware of what could happen.

By booking a consultation with us, we’ll be able to discuss the pros and cons of your surgery and will be happy to discuss any questions that you have regarding your surgery.

Reasons Why More Men Are Considering Male Nose Surgery

Contrary to popular belief, cosmetic surgery is becoming a service that’s available for both women AND men. In today’s society, it’s clear that more male patients are opting for plastic surgery to help improve their appearance. In particular, male nose surgery has seen a rise in popularity as patients look to enhance their appearance.

Popularity In Male Nose Surgery For Patients

According to Statista, the number of patients that opted for a rhinoplasty procedure in the UK in 2019 amounted to 2,432, making it one of the most popular procedures for a patient to have. There can be several reasons why a patient may opt for a male nose surgery, be it for cosmetic purposes or medical. With society seeing plastic surgery as normality nowadays, it’s no surprise that more and more men are opting to improve their appearance through the procedure.

Benefits For Men Opting For Rhinoplasty

The purpose of a male nose surgery is to amend the facial aesthetics of your nose if it has any structural issues. For those considering the surgery, there can be many benefits that it can bring including:

Symmetry To Your Face

Your nose is part of the crucial factors that provide symmetry to the appearance of your face. No patient’s appearance is the same, therefore it can be customised to your needs and wants. You can still project a masculine appearance that looks powerful, whilst correcting some deficiencies in the face.

Amend Or Remove Unwanted Facial Features

Our facial features are inherited from our parents and sometimes they can be unwanted. Some of these traits are much preferred to be altered by men as they don’t feel masculine with their appearance. A male nose surgery can make changes to features such as a bulbous tip, a bump on your bridge or even wide nostrils.

Defects In Structural Appearance

A common reason why men opt for plastic surgery on their nose is due to lasting traumas and injuries to their nose. A rhinoplasty can help to fix any defects in the nose whilst also providing an increased appearance to the nose.

Improve Breathing

Repairing a deviated septum isn’t classed as a cosmetic procedure, but it can provide increased health benefits in improving breathing. If you have trouble sleeping or regularly struggle to breathe during physical activity, repairing a deviated septum can be combined with changing the cosmetic aspect of your nose.

There are many patients in the local Manchester area that look for local cosmetic procedures to help improve their appearance, including male nose surgery. The team at Gary Ross are aware that male patients have different preferences to their female counterparts when it comes to plastic surgery. They have plenty of expertise and qualifications that can cater to your needs. Contact us today to book a consultation where we can review your needs and see what the best options are for you.

Top Tips To Find A Reputable Blepharoplasty Surgeon

When it comes to surgery, although relatively rare there can be complications and risks regardless of the surgery you opt for. Even surgeries that you may consider quite minor does come with an element or risk. As you’re putting your safety into someone else’s hands it’s understandable to be cautious about the surgeon you choose.

Specifically, we’ll discuss what it is you need to look out for when it comes to blepharoplasty surgeons. Here are some top tips to help you find a reputable surgeon to conduct your blepharoplasty surgery.

Are They A Member Of Well-Known Organisations?

There many surgery-related organisations out there that are committed to promoting excellence when it comes to aesthetic surgery. To ensure patients can be safe and sure they are getting the right care, these organisations will credit surgeons for their expertise and experience in the sector.

If the surgeon you’re looking for is a member of organisations such as BAAPS or similar organisations, you can be sure that you’re in the right hands. Before choosing a plastic surgery practice, contact these organisations about the specific surgeon you’re considering. This will definitely ensure you’re going for a reputable blepharoplasty surgeon.

Do They Have Consultancy Experience With The NHS?

Has the surgeon had previous experience as an NHS consultant or had connections with the post? Only the most experienced and well-trained surgeons adopt these posts and even though the risks are relatively small with cosmetic surgeons, complications can still occur. Consultants are regarded highly in the surgery world, so you’ll be extremely reassured that your surgery is likely to go well.

Word Of Mouth

One of the best recommendations that a surgeon can receive is when other patients voice their positive opinions of them. If you’ve heard many people discussing the surgeon and they’re all coming across positive, it’s likely that they’re extremely credible and have a high success rate. You’ll feel particularly reassured if it’s a close friend or a family member as you’re even likely to see the results close and personal.

They Don’t Tend To Be Cheap

Although it’s great to save some money with your cosmetic procedure, considering how important your safety is sometimes it’s not highly regarded to skrimp on surgery. This is because a blepharoplasty surgeon who promotes their service at an extremely low price is likely to be more concerned about being paid rather than your safety. If an offer looks far too good to be true, then it probably is.

Ensuring You Get A Reputable Blepharoplasty Surgeon

If you’re opting for a cosmetic surgery procedure, it’s important that you do thorough research beforehand. Look into the surgery itself and check reviews of the specific surgeon that you’ll be assigned to to perform your procedure. Considering the points mentioned above you’ll be sure that your procedure will be performed with due care and safety considered.

Here at Gary Ross, we have an expert team that have a range of specialities with cosmetic surgery. We’ll ensure that you’re provided with expert surgeons that have speciality in blepharoplasty surgery so we can manage and adhere to your expectations as best as possible. Contact us today to book a consultation and discuss your options with our dedicated team.

4 Signs You Need Surgery For a Deviated Septum

Having facial symmetry is every patient’s dream but it’s rare to find a person with a so-called ‘perfect face’. Irregularities in our facial features are common, particularly for your nose. In some cases, you may find that you have a deviated septum. This is when the cartilage of the nose is slightly off-center.

Although in most cases, this imbalance wouldn’t cause concern, for others it can cause life-altering problems that impact everyday life. Going through rhinoplasty surgery to specifically rectify your crooked nose can help to relieve these issues and allow you to breathe easier.

Here are 5 signs that you have a deviated septum and determine whether you may need specialist rhinoplasty surgery to resolve your problems.

1. Issues with respiratory

An imbalance of shape with your septum can cause restrictions with your air flow and prevent your body from breathing efficiently. If you find that you’re struggling to breathe on a regular basis, it’s important that you consult with your doctor on whether the issue is caused through a deviated septum and whether rhinoplasty surgery is needed.

2. Persistent disorders of the nasal

Do you feel as though you constantly suffer from a blocked nose or suffer post-nasal drip? If you tend to sneeze regularly or have a runny nose, these can be common signs that you have a deviated septum.

Rhinitis and sinusitis are common signs to do with an imbalance in nasal structure. Whilst you may commonly pass these off as simple allergy problems, if they happen regularly then they can interrupt your pleasure of daily living and indicate that you need medical help.

3. Nose bleeds

This will be considered the most apparent of all the symptoms as nose bleeds aren’t a frequent episode in daily life. If you suffer from unexpected nose bleeds it’s important that you give this immediate attention straight away and consult a specialist to assist you. Nasal disorders and issues with breathing can be easily rectified with a rhinoplasty procedure, focusing on realigning the nose and correcting its shape.

4. Lack of sleep

There can be many reasons related to sleep apnea including a busy lifestyle and stress, therefore this could be considered one of the last signs you look for if you suffer from a deviated septum. Combining this, with the other signs mentioned above would give you a better indication that you do have a deviated septum. Do you choke and cough from time to time in the middle of the night? Do you have restless nights? These are common indicators of suffering from a deviated septum.

Rhinoplasty surgery for a deviated septum

One of the solutions to your deviated septum issues is undergoing rhinoplasty surgery. During your consultation, we’ll use this time to understand what you’re suffering from and focus specifically on the areas of the nose that need to be rectified in order to relieve these issues that you’re having. Book a consultation with us so we can help to correct your deviated septum through rhinoplasty surgery.

What Should I Consider if I Want a Nose Job?

How you look and what your appearance is probably something you take much pride and joy in. As such, you may be in the one of many who tells yourself, ‘I want a nose job’. But the process is more complicated than simply wanting a nose job and going for it. There are plenty of factors you should consider if you’re opting to have a rhinoplasty procedure, particularly as it’s a life changing choice you’ll be making. First and foremost, when you tell yourself ‘I want a nose job’, you need to make sure that you’re doing it for yourself. The influence and pressure of others shouldn’t determine how you look as it’ll be a change you’ll be making to your own body. At the same time, how your decision can be correctly influenced is from the research that you conduct before the surgery. Here, we discuss the factors you should consider if you want a nose job.

Conduct your research before going ahead

The best way to gain the results that you want from your procedure is by having an understanding of what to expect. This can make it easier to manage expectations and how the outcome might appear once the surgery is completed. Conduct thorough research before you go ahead. This will include researching different surgeons and their expertise, how the surgery is conducted, various before and after photos and what the recovery time will be.

Each individual case is different

We’re all not born the same and we each have our unique features and qualities within our appearance. So, whilst you might have seen the perfect nose job of your favourite celebrity on social media, don’t expect yourself to have similar results. Each case is different patient by patient, so you should keep this in mind when you’re heading to the surgery table. Your surgeon will get a better understanding of your anatomy during your consultation. It’s here where you and your surgeon can discuss the pros and cons of the surgery and manage your expectations.

The results will take time to show

Whilst a cosmetic surgery procedure can be a quick fix to your appearance paranoia, the recovery and results of the surgery will take time. As with any procedure, the body needs time to heal before it can begin to show the results that you’re looking for. We advise that you start to see the results around 6 months after your procedure once the swelling and bruising has healed. Around this time, you can get a better indication of whether or not you achieved the desired results you were looking for. If you’re unhappy with the results, there is the possibility of going through a revision rhinoplasty which can amend the results you gained. It’s important that you leave it at least a year, however, before you decide to go through with this.

Aftercare is important

After your surgery, your surgeon will run you through the best aftercare techniques to aid your recovery and ensure it runs as smoothly as possible. The advice you’re given is extremely important as steering away from the methods can impact the final results of your rhinoplasty. The most important aspect is making sure that you avoid any supplements or drugs that promote blood thinning. Doing could cause bleeding and complicate your healing shortly after the surgery.

Considering these steps if I want a nose job

Your health and safety should be your main priority if you choose to have a nose job. Conducting thorough research and ensuring you’re in the right hands will help ease your nerves and feel more confident that you’ll get the results you want. Book a consultation with us today and we’ll be able to discuss your expectations or any concerns that you have about nose surgery. Feel free to also browse our rhinoplasty page to get familiar with the procedure.

Different Types Of Skin Plumping Treatments

There many different types of skin-plumping treatments available to choose from. There are also non-surgical methods that can help to change and plump the skin to provide it with a fuller and younger effect. This is normally through non-surgical heating and cooling devices which use different levels of energy to plump up the skin. For this particular vlog, we’ll be looking into the surgical skin plumping treatments and the options available to you.

For surgical skin plumping treatments, the most common and best method considered to plump the skin is through a fat transfer or a liposculpture method. These methods involve removing fat from one area of the body to another where it’s needed to plump.

A case study is provided in the video of a woman that’s had fat removed from the flanks in the buttock area. What’s beneficial about the skin tends to retract and remain good quality due to the dermis being thicker in this area. The fat that’s removed is then used to improve gain better contouring in other areas.

For the face, face lifting can also be used as a fat transfer method. This is shown in the second case study showing a woman that has had fat transfer treatment in the face. The images show how she looked pre and post-op.

There are many different skin plumping treatments available and fat transfer is probably considered the most ideal method out of these options. This is why it’s important to run through all of the options available during your consultation.

If you’d like more information on body skin plumping treatments then you can get in touch by contacting us here or by calling 0161 401 4064.